Monday, April 28, 2014

Feeling like a princess

I really enjoy painting my nails...I just need more practice! Gotta stay inside the lines~

Here I used Julep's Cassie and Gianna*. They both are very pretty polishes, however, I felt that Cassie didn't go on quite smoothly. I was unwise and didn't use a base for my blue nail polish, so my nails stained... Two coats of Cassie wasn't enough to over the stain--however, I'm not the type to glop on polish, so that might be the reason why? The gold glitters however added a very nice touch :) The top coat (also by Julep) smoothed things out nicely and gave the look a nice shine. However, I really need to glop that on too. XD

Do you have a favorite pink nail polish? 

*disclaimer: the above links are not referral links :) I've actually canceled my Julep Maven account since it was getting a little too expensive for me :P 


  1. I don't prefer one exact pink nail polish~ I love all of them XD


  2. lol! so true :D hahaha, they're all pretty nice!

  3. The nails are so cute! Very simple. (: I like how the Julep polishes look in pictures, but I've yet to try them. I like OPI polishes a lot!

  4. I really do like julep, but julep is sort of expensive >__< I like the quality, but one of my friends said it was too thick... OPI is always good too XD