Friday, May 2, 2014

Exploring the world wide web of shops: MotelRocks and Fame&Partner

Who doesn't love shopping and window shopping? While I don't have a lot of opportunities to physically visit stores, I love surfing the web for unique and cute stuff. Recently I discovered these two: MotelRocks and Fame&Partners.

MotelRocks has 25% discount for students! Yay. Anyways, the e-shop has a section called Motel Vintage, and it seriously has some cute vintage looks. According to the site, "each piece is carefully hand picked and lovingly re-worked into the hottest one of a kind styles," meaning that there's a set "blueprint" of how the outfit should look, but each piece has its own variability! Here's some works/styles I really like!

Fame & Partners is a unique e-shop that specializes in creating custom tailored outfits for users. The dresses are super elegant and beautiful! I'd feel like a princess wearing them! These pieces can be altered into mini dresses, maxi dresses (if they are mini dresses), changing colors, changing certain fabrics, etc. So interesting~

Just wondering, do you guys like maxi dresses or mini dresses better?


  1. If I was tall I would pick maxi dress but sadly, Im not so mini all the way

  2. I know >__< I'm super short, so it's so hard to find a maxi dress that works T___T but I know some people can pull it off. I'll have to try hard to look for one this summer :P