Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer starts now!

Hello everyone! Summer has finally arrived for me! No more exams and finals from college, but still a busy packed summer (sadly with studying). Currently, I'm "studying" for the PCAT exams at a nearby Starbuck, sipping "daintily" (*note sarcasm*) on my cup of Jo. Anyways, I did have some fun at least! Here's what been going on recently:

1. Towards the end of Finals week, my Christian group had a celebration banquet for the seniors. My job was to make the table decorations. Sadly, I didn't take too many pictures, but here they are.

There's two different types of flowers~~ They took forever to make, but I think they turned out pretty cute :)

2. I also got my ears pieced! for the third time... The first two times they both closed due to an infection. But this time I got my ears pieced with better quality jewelry, so hopefully it works out! So far, no infections~ I went to Piercing Pagoda. The lady working there was super nice. She was very patient and sweet. She also told me that if the earrings lose their shine within 15 months, I can go exchange them for new ones! How exciting :)

Aren't they pretty? These are princess-cut "diamond" (but not really XD) earrings. They look nice, because they glitter in the light.

3. After attending my friend's graduation (sad, sad T___T), we went to the aquarium! I haven't gone for such a long time, but it was super fun and exciting. I got to touch jelly fishes, rays, and sea anemones! I love being a science-nerd sometimes :)

4. I can't help but want to share this music group my friend showed me. Clean Bandits has such a unique sound and their videos are beautiful! They are an instrumental group, but they invite singers to sing for them. Hope you like them too~

Clean Bandits - Extraordinary

Clean Bandits - Rather Be

Well that's it for now! What are your summer plans?


  1. Rinako グレーMay 20, 2014 at 8:43 PM

    I love your new earring dear! <3 So cute~
    Your plans for summer are great! I'm flying to Japan in August >w<

    ❤ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  2. Thank you!
    Wow! That's so exciting! I really wanna go visit Japan someday! There seems to be so much stuff to do there :)

  3. Haiii. Missed you Anna!!
    This whole week was so hellish for me. I'm so glad that I endured it uu
    Nonetheless, I heard that Pagota is a pretty trusting place to do piercings! Haha cute name for those earrings.
    I never gotten my ears pierced before but my friends have ^^

    Last time I went to the aquarium was when I was just a child.
    I want to go back and play with the fishies, hehe.
    Glad that you had a lot of fun and it seems like it was productive too!

  4. awww, missed you too :3
    Is it finals season? School can be solo hectic T____T hehe

    yea, the piercing lady was super sweet :) yay! haha, I've gotten my ears pierced twice before D: But both times, it closed...hopefully, this time it'll stay :) lol

    I haven't gone to the aquarium for a loooooong time now either :P But it was such a fun experience :) The fishes were super cute and colorful. Fun to play with. They may be a little slimily, but nonetheless, cute XD hahaha

  5. Hi Anna-- I really like the paper flowers! And I'm glad your ear piercing went without a hitch. (: Love earrings but I'm allergic to most metals, so I don't wear them too often...

  6. Thank you!

    awww, that's too bad. My friend's ears are very sensitive too, but somehow it stopped? When she first got her ears pierced, they were pretty badly infected...She took antibiotics for a while. But later, after she went to China, it became completely fine? So strange. XD