Sunday, May 4, 2014

Prepping for Finals Week

The never-ending of tests and projects has finally come to an end...almost. I finished classes Friday and am now "preparing" for exams. In reality, I'm actually preparing for my Christian Group's senior send-off. It's the responsibility of the juniors to prepare the banquet--that includes the table decorations, the room decorations, the seating arrangement, the food, the entertainment, etc. It's been a very stressful but rewarding experience. I'll give you guys an update on the table decorations soon (that's what I'm in charge of).

Anyways, today at Church, my discipler gave me a care package for finals week. It was just super sweet of her. She also made me a super cute card~ My discipler is a young adult who's older and more mature than me in my faith. She helps me with my spiritual growth; she's someone I consider a friend and role-model!

For lunch, I made this Kabocha rice! It's really easy. Just microwave for 5 minutes, cut off the top, microwave for another 5 minutes, add in some frozen rice, frozen veggies (my left-overs XD), some salt, pepper, and soy sauce, and microwave for another 6 minutes~

I ate a third of the entire kabocha...while this doesn't look like a lot, it's actually a huge portion. It's really filling and savory~~