Monday, April 28, 2014

Feeling like a princess

I really enjoy painting my nails...I just need more practice! Gotta stay inside the lines~

Here I used Julep's Cassie and Gianna*. They both are very pretty polishes, however, I felt that Cassie didn't go on quite smoothly. I was unwise and didn't use a base for my blue nail polish, so my nails stained... Two coats of Cassie wasn't enough to over the stain--however, I'm not the type to glop on polish, so that might be the reason why? The gold glitters however added a very nice touch :) The top coat (also by Julep) smoothed things out nicely and gave the look a nice shine. However, I really need to glop that on too. XD

Do you have a favorite pink nail polish? 

*disclaimer: the above links are not referral links :) I've actually canceled my Julep Maven account since it was getting a little too expensive for me :P 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Daiso, the land of the $1.50

Has anyone heard of Daiso? It's a Japanese-based chain that has opened also in America! There stuff there are super cute and actually very good quality, especially for $1.50. You can find bento boxes, notebooks, unique Japanese household items, and lots of stationary!! I went there a couple days ago, and boy did I can carried away in checking out each of the different isles! <3

These are the items I got: make-your-own tea bags, apple cutter, spiral notebook (whoops, it's upside-down :P), baking tin, vocabulary flashcards (on a chain!) and two cute, girly notebooks. 

A $1.50 notebook isn't very cheap, especially if you can find those 5-10 for a $1.00 ones at Target or Walmart, but at least the design is so much better! The floral ones on the bottom actually have a plastic covering over them, so you can insert things inside the cover/back if you'd like. I really love the floral designs, but I might want to add some mini-photos inside as well! hehe~

Have you gone to Daiso before? And what's your favorite things from Daiso?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Freshly Made: Heathy Little Banana Bread

1/3 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup agave
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 eggs
1 cup mashed bananas (about 2 ripe bananas)
1 1/2 cup wheat flour
1/4 cup (vanilla) protein powder 
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 cup hot water
1/4 cup mixed nuts (crushed)

1. preheat oven to 325F
2. mix the wet ingredients with the wet, and dry with the dry; meanwhile add the baking soda to the hot water
3. add the dry ingredients into the wet; then pour in the baking soda-water mix
4. pour into bread tin

If you guys try, let me know! Hope you enjoy this healthier banana bread! I have a big slice for breakfast, and it's super good! Try putting some peanut butter (or nut butter) on top~~

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Let's talk: Comparisons

I love being a twin, and my sister is superb and amazing, but there's one problem that comes with growing up and living the same life style...comparison. It's not that others compare me to her, but that I compare myself to her. She tends to do better educationally -- grades, MCATs, SATs, etc. -- and I get stressed out emotionally that I can't "keep up" with her. I know that we're different people, but the fact that we study together and do almost everything together makes it difficult for me to accept that I can't do as well as her.

However, I'm trying to learn how to handle the situation. As a Christian, I believe that God is trying to tell me that life isn't about grades and that grades don't determine what type of person you are. I've been living life considering my grades as my worth, and that's horrible! I know in my head that grades and how well you do in school doesn't make you a better or worse person. Although grades may be important in finding a job or getting into graduate school, I shouldn't be crying and stressing out over getting an average score -- or just below average score -- on a college exam.

Sometimes, I have too high of an expectation of myself, and I can't get over it when I don't meet that expectation. It's very really easy for me to see a number and assign worth to myself from that value, but I know that God is trying to change that in my life. My family, my friends, and my God loves me as I am. All I need to do is try my best. :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter~~

Hi Everyone, and a good Easter Sunday to you all!

I know not everyone is religious, but I hope everyone enjoys this special day. For me, it is a wonderful remember of what Jesus Christ has done for me. Christians are humans, and they are just as prone to making mistakes as others. I know that I've definitely made a lot of horrible choices this year, like getting angry at my friends and family, saying hurtful words, procrastinating with homework, eating like a glutton, and what-not. However, to know that even though I have many problems in my life--all of which is considered sin in God's eyes--and that Christ died (and has risen again) for these sins makes today a great reminder of how blessed I am to live the life I do!

Today, I'm preparing crafts for the four year olds! They're truly a cute reminder of God's gift in life~ So sweet and fun to play with, especially for someone like me who has the mental age of a kids XD haha, jk :P

Look at all these crafts! so cute, ehh?? <3 It's a mobile!

Also, a healthy breakfast is a good breakfast!

Hope you guys enjoy Easter! Do you (or did you, if you're seeing this post later) have plans to this day?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Girl Crush: Xiao Wen Ju

There's so many models in the world. I already have a couple favorites--Soo Joo Park & Gemma Ward--but I didn't really know any Chiense models. So recently, I've been trying to "discover" some!

So, has anyone heard of Xiao Wen Ju? She's super adorable--both in personality and face. She's known for her smile and for sticking out her tongue :P hehe. Xiao Wen Ju has such beautiful, wide-set eyes <3 kyaaaaaah

She's totally cool in my books! Do you have a favorite asian model?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Let's talk: Say NO to cookies and start building those biceps!

Girl Scout cookies are much so that I can finish a box in a day (eeewwwww, I know that might sound gross to some of you >__<''' ). Sadly, for Somoas (my favorite), they're 150 Kcal for 2 cookies--I can see my waistline expanding already, and I predict diabetes for my future. T___T

yum yum! I can't stop eating D:

I know it's really easy to get caught up in appearances and in a continual cycle for weight-loss and dieting. I know because I do this a lot. I say to myself, "tomorrow, I will start eating healthy, and I'll eat very little so I can compensate for how much I ate today." That sort of mindset is so easy for me to adopt, and I know that's very unhealthy. Sadly, it doesn't work either...I just gobble lots of sweets the next day anyways.

However, lots of people say, "You're so skinny." To which I replied, "But look at my flabby arms, my jiggly legs, and my bloated, round tummy!!"

My muscles are literally like this...

I realized that for such a long time, I've associated losing weight with better body image. I've always been super short--5'1--and small-boned, but I've always wanted an unrealistic body weight. I get so caught up with the weight of Asian (mainly Chinese and Korean) models whose body stats are posted on online taobao shops. They are so cute and beautiful, and I really want to look like them. So I think to myself, if only I could get my weight down that low, I'd look fantastic, too.

My goals for this month (and hopefully rest of the year) is to stop looking at numbers but rather focus on building and toning up muscles, eating healthy but not restricting calories, and stop comparing myself to Asian models and beautiful girls on my school campus. I want to look the best for myself and live a healthy lifestyle, so that I will be a good model for my future children and decrease my risk of future health problems (like diabetes, obesity, and early aging) due to my carelessness.

I must build SELF-CONTROL!!!
What do you guys think of Asian fashion models? Are they too skinny, skinny but cute, too skinny and not cute, etc?

I know for me, I know they're super skinny but still look super cute in the clothes they wear >__< <3

Friday, April 4, 2014 Review -- "yummy," fun, and inexpensive clothes

Recently, I've also purchased for a second-hand e-shop. You heard right, second-hand... I know some people have apprehensions about these type of things, but ThredUp has really good, well cared for products. I really like what came through! Some of their clothing pieces are actually pretty cheap. Each piece that I purchased was around $11. 

Here's some other items that I'd suggest/fell in love with (but haven't purchased):

Topshop, $17.00             Young Hawaii, $3.50

  Old Navy, $5.50            BCBGeneration, $28.50

Maurices, $7.00

If you click on the images, it'll take you to the pages. Don't worry. These aren't referral links! However, if you'd like to use my referral and get $10, see below (sorry, self promotion >__<)

I really, really liked the packaging. Aren't the green dots adorable? The structure was also very stiff and durable, meaning that the clothing inside are well protected!

Clothing quality:
The quality of the clothes are also super good! I wouldn't actually have thought that it was a second-hand item! That's how good they came to me~ From their site, they have a 12-point quality inspection. Not only do the pieces have to be in like-new condition, they also must have:
  • no tears/rips
  • no marks
  • no fraying
  • no odors 
  • no holes 
  • no pilling 
  • no missing parts 
  • no stains or spots 
  • no fading 
  • no peeling 
  • no hair 
  • no stretching

I'm really glad to see that they care so much about the quality of clothing they're offering to their users. Other vintage stores don't go through such a process. Sadly, some things come through and they weren't what I excepted... I'm sure ThredUp loses some really cool pieces because they have such high conditions, but I'm also really glad about that. I can be pretty confident that what I get is what I see on their site! These are what I purchased!

Old Navy, $8.00

Calvin Klein, $11.00

$10-of Referral opportunity:
Sorry guys, I know people really don't like it when bloggers or other people try to refer them to a site. I really have that pet peeve too, but I still do it. Sorry!!! Anyways, since I want to be open and transparent with you guys, I'll let you know both the benefits that you get, and the benefits that I get. 

When I refer people, they get $10 to spend as they like. When that person spends the $10, I also get $10 added to my account to use as I like.  
The good thing is that you can pretty much get a piece free and only have to pay shipping~

Once again, I'd like to apologize. I'm a pretty selfish and stingy person...haha. >___< Hope you don't mind. If you guys don't like these type of things, let me know! I'll stop! :)
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fun at Din Tai Fung and Xiao Long Bao!

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful week! I know some of you college students are nearing the end of the semester. How busy and hectic, but also exciting! Horray! Today, I went to celebrate my roommate's birthday with Xiao Long Bao (aka, amazing soup dumplings)! It's really popular in LA, and it's understandable: how can anyone dislike soup dumplings? hehe

I really enjoy eating with my friends. It's such a nice way to relax and hang out. I think eating should be a more social experience, rather than just a quick grab and go. Sadly because our society's so fast paced, it's hard for these type of things to happen regularly. I don't mean to always go out to eat, but also to just cook for each other and enjoy each other's company while having good food to munch on~

I hope these pictures make your mouth water; they surely do for me :Q

Jasmine tea and plate settings

Dipping sauce (Chinese vinegar) with ginger slices and hot peppers 

Juicy pork dumplings

Chicken fried rice

Shrimp & pork shao mai