Sunday, April 6, 2014

Let's talk: Say NO to cookies and start building those biceps!

Girl Scout cookies are much so that I can finish a box in a day (eeewwwww, I know that might sound gross to some of you >__<''' ). Sadly, for Somoas (my favorite), they're 150 Kcal for 2 cookies--I can see my waistline expanding already, and I predict diabetes for my future. T___T

yum yum! I can't stop eating D:

I know it's really easy to get caught up in appearances and in a continual cycle for weight-loss and dieting. I know because I do this a lot. I say to myself, "tomorrow, I will start eating healthy, and I'll eat very little so I can compensate for how much I ate today." That sort of mindset is so easy for me to adopt, and I know that's very unhealthy. Sadly, it doesn't work either...I just gobble lots of sweets the next day anyways.

However, lots of people say, "You're so skinny." To which I replied, "But look at my flabby arms, my jiggly legs, and my bloated, round tummy!!"

My muscles are literally like this...

I realized that for such a long time, I've associated losing weight with better body image. I've always been super short--5'1--and small-boned, but I've always wanted an unrealistic body weight. I get so caught up with the weight of Asian (mainly Chinese and Korean) models whose body stats are posted on online taobao shops. They are so cute and beautiful, and I really want to look like them. So I think to myself, if only I could get my weight down that low, I'd look fantastic, too.

My goals for this month (and hopefully rest of the year) is to stop looking at numbers but rather focus on building and toning up muscles, eating healthy but not restricting calories, and stop comparing myself to Asian models and beautiful girls on my school campus. I want to look the best for myself and live a healthy lifestyle, so that I will be a good model for my future children and decrease my risk of future health problems (like diabetes, obesity, and early aging) due to my carelessness.

I must build SELF-CONTROL!!!
What do you guys think of Asian fashion models? Are they too skinny, skinny but cute, too skinny and not cute, etc?

I know for me, I know they're super skinny but still look super cute in the clothes they wear >__< <3


  1. Dropping by c:

  2. be careful not to lose too much weight though!

  3. yes! >___< I should focus on muscle rather than numbers! But it's hard XD I'll try my best! :)