Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fun at Din Tai Fung and Xiao Long Bao!

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a wonderful week! I know some of you college students are nearing the end of the semester. How busy and hectic, but also exciting! Horray! Today, I went to celebrate my roommate's birthday with Xiao Long Bao (aka, amazing soup dumplings)! It's really popular in LA, and it's understandable: how can anyone dislike soup dumplings? hehe

I really enjoy eating with my friends. It's such a nice way to relax and hang out. I think eating should be a more social experience, rather than just a quick grab and go. Sadly because our society's so fast paced, it's hard for these type of things to happen regularly. I don't mean to always go out to eat, but also to just cook for each other and enjoy each other's company while having good food to munch on~

I hope these pictures make your mouth water; they surely do for me :Q

Jasmine tea and plate settings

Dipping sauce (Chinese vinegar) with ginger slices and hot peppers 

Juicy pork dumplings

Chicken fried rice

Shrimp & pork shao mai


  1. Aww, so delicious! <3

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  2. It was good! I'm such a baozi fan! hehe :)

  3. That food looks so good now, Im so hungry ahah! Would you like to follow each other's blog?

  4. yay! Glad you thought so! If possible, you should go try some!

  5. I LOVE XIAO LONG BAO *-* Most Chinese restaurants around here are very Americanized, however. They serve only the standard fried rice, lo mein, and orange chicken. I'm trying to find an authentic place that will give me my soup dumpling fix!

  6. <3 <3 I know! Totally T__T I do wish there were some more authentic Chinese restaurants--not saying that fried rice and orange chicken aren't delicious :P

    yesss, soup + dumplings = a mix of heaven :) <3