Thursday, April 24, 2014

Let's talk: Comparisons

I love being a twin, and my sister is superb and amazing, but there's one problem that comes with growing up and living the same life style...comparison. It's not that others compare me to her, but that I compare myself to her. She tends to do better educationally -- grades, MCATs, SATs, etc. -- and I get stressed out emotionally that I can't "keep up" with her. I know that we're different people, but the fact that we study together and do almost everything together makes it difficult for me to accept that I can't do as well as her.

However, I'm trying to learn how to handle the situation. As a Christian, I believe that God is trying to tell me that life isn't about grades and that grades don't determine what type of person you are. I've been living life considering my grades as my worth, and that's horrible! I know in my head that grades and how well you do in school doesn't make you a better or worse person. Although grades may be important in finding a job or getting into graduate school, I shouldn't be crying and stressing out over getting an average score -- or just below average score -- on a college exam.

Sometimes, I have too high of an expectation of myself, and I can't get over it when I don't meet that expectation. It's very really easy for me to see a number and assign worth to myself from that value, but I know that God is trying to change that in my life. My family, my friends, and my God loves me as I am. All I need to do is try my best. :)


  1. I think that having high expectations of ourselves is a good thing, as long as we learn to relax a little and always strive to do our best. My little sister and I are also always compared (we're very close in age, and look quite similar), but we've learned that we both have different passions and different strengths, and I think knowing these differences have really helped us to stop comparing ourselves to each other.

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  2. that's a good way to think about it :) Was it difficult process to learn? Sadly, my sister and I have very similar passions and strengths, so it's sort of hard for me to stop comparing myself to her. BUT, I've gotta learn :)

    Thanks for sharing <3

  3. Whoa, I believe I just ready some deep stuff.
    That almost sounds like you are torturing yourself without really knowing it.
    I'm glad you realized and confronted your dilemma. It's good to get it out ^^
    Please realize that you should do it for yourself and your own fulfillment of satisfaction and not for others ^^
    Keep us updated!

  4. thank you~ You're so sweet!! <3 <3 I'll try my best :)

  5. It wasn't too difficult I don't think. It happened really naturally for us. It might be best to just focus on the small differences for you. My sister and I started off with the same passions and strengths, but eventually they kind of grew apart.

  6. Anna, you are an intelligent and introspective person. (: This comes through in your writing. I understand the feeling of always being compared. However, you are special because you are you!

  7. awww, thank you for the encouragement <3