Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer Fun in China

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long break! I was in CHINA~~

China is one of the funnest places for a summer break--in my opinion. There's so many places to visit and so many different foods to try. I love shopping at the little boutiques on the street and trying out interesting Asian snacks.

My sister and I at an expensive mall in China (meaning LV, prada, etc.)...Excuse the mismatching gym shoes -- I hate getting my feet wet in the rain, and I didn't bring shoes suitable for the I was left with wearing gym shoes.

For the most part, I was visiting my extended family! I love seeing them, but sadly, my Chinese isn't that great. I wish I could speak fluently, so I can converse with them. Instead, I get shy and don't talk a lot because I don't know how to say what I want to say in Chinese... Despite the language barriers, my aunts, uncles, and cousins are very kind to me and give me lots of gifts and treat my family to yummy food~ Someday, I hope to perfect my Chinese, so I can adequately thank them for their kindness (and to talk with them)!

The following pictures are from ShangHai. ShangHai is where my mom grew up! It's such a beautiful city, despite the smog. I love the food and culture there~

ShangHai is so beautiful! The skyscrapers and the lights are perfect at night!

ShangHai!!! The TV tower changes color~~

I also vent to visit my grandparent's home in the countryside. They're farmers with their own kiwi and bamboo farms! When my family arrived, we were gifted--by different families--with a total of four large watermelons!! So for a couple days, we ate an entire watermelon each day...I actually tried kiwi picking, and the kiwis are so delicious and sweet--better than any I've had in the states!

This is grandma's sister's house (in a different, nearby village) :) 
This is what my grandparent's house used to look like before getting remodeled. I miss it, because I remember visiting this type of house as a child...
It's very touching that she gave us red pocket money! Despite farmers not being wealthy, they still have the heart to give us red envelopes <3

This is the beautiful view from my grandparent's village! Do you see the rice fields?

We picked kiwis!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review: Just-Fab haul

I made an account a while back, but left it alone for a while. Luckily I received a $10 credit -- I guess an attempt by the company to encourage its members to become VIP members. I decided to try it out and buy some accessories. The package arrived five days after I made the order.


I was quite impressed with the packaging. It was very nicely put together. Each box contains one item, and inside the box were little baggies. I want to save these baggies to use to use later :)


In the Loop (sorry the picture appears silver, but it's actually gold) - $6.95
This necklace is super cute. I love the elegance and daintiness of it. The gold is a nice, brilliant color! I love it!

On the Fly (also in gold - once again appears silver >__<) - $6.95
I love this necklace as well. It's super dainty and elegant, and I love the way it feels. It's perfect for an every-day outfit!

Silver Reign (also in gold -- for some reason my phone makes the picture appear silver...) - $6.95
This anklet fits pretty well and looks quite nice. The problem is that it's difficult to make the fringes appear neat and the chain is very long, so it touches the ground...

Like a Charm - $6.95
This is definitely one of my favorite items that I bought. The charms are super cute and unique. HOWEVER, I can wear it... It looks way better in the photos, but the charms are so heavy that just fall under my arms--you'll never see them...

too bad...the charms are too heavy...
I think I'll try removing the charms and making them into a necklace or into a different bracelet...If I do so, I'll let you know how they end up looking! hopefully it'll be a lot better :)


Overall, I liked my purchase. The items seems to be good quality, and the styles and designs are just superb! I would purchase again from JustFab--if I receive more in-store credit XD I'm a bit stingy, so I don't usually purchase $7+ accessories unless I'm absolutely in love with the item or the quality of the item is amazing...

How is everyone doing? Has anyone tried one of these membership sites before? 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Review: Karuna Brightening Mask

I have a review to share with you all. Recently, I got a free sample pack of Karuna's Brightening and Clarifying masks--for the awesome shipping price of $1!! How Asian of me...I couldn't resist!

Today, I'll be sharing about the brightening mask!

Here's some product details directly from the website!
SKIN TYPE: Sun Damaged, Discolored Skin, Not Suitable for Sensitive Skin

MISSION: Revealing & Enlightening

- Grapefruit Seed Extract helps deflect environmental toxins
- Rare Asian plant extracts promote brighter skin tone
- Salicylic Acid gently exfoliates dead skin cells

DELIVERY: Made from biodegradable wood pulp natural cloth that retains 50% more moisture than synthetic material, Karuna sheet masks force pores to fully absorb nourishing ingredients that help create instant results—much more than a serum would alone.

PRICE: $28 for 4 masks
The packaging was quite typical--nothing very unique. I believe, however, that that actual product's packaging is a bit different. Since I got a sample mask, the exterior appears quite plain. 

The mask is wrapped around a plastic structure--probably meant to make opening the mask easier. However, for me, it was still pretty difficult. Sadly, when I unfolded my mask, it was ripped!! 

The mask was very difficult to use. It was soaked with product/serum (which is pretty nice), but that also made applying the mask difficult since the mask was very easy to rip. When I was trying to apply the already ripped mask, I ripped it more trying to fit it on my face...

Here's a close up -- can you see the rip right under my eye? 
When the mask was finally applied, my face stung. After a couple minutes, the stinging stopped, and my face had a nice minty feel to it. I left the mask on for 20 minutes and then rubbed the remaining product into my face (no need to wash it off!) Sadly, my face was a bit red afterwards, and the stinging started again as the serum began to dry. 

The next day, the redness was completely gone. I believe my face looked a little bit righter, but the difference wasn't quite noticeable... My sister, who tried the mask as well, felt the same way. 

I know lots of people think this mask works quite well, but I believe I just discovered that I have sensitive skin...and since this mask is not for sensitive skin, my face became irritated, red, and stingy. >___< Whoops, at least I know now :)

This mask didn't work well for my skin type. The results also were quite clear. 

  • sticks to the face well
  • pricey ($7/mask)
  • stings a little
  • easily broken/ripped
  • unpleasant smell - smells a bit like chemicals
  • serum is a little sticky

Overall rating:     
Repurchase? No, but I'm willing to try a different mask from the brand.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer at the County Fair

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating recently!! To tell the truth, I've been so caught up with pharmacy school applications, and writing essays has always been a weak point for me. Luckily, I had my sister and mom to help read by essay and give suggestions!

I'm done with applications for now! Horray~ I'm hoping to be admitted to a school nearby home, so I can visit family and also have instate tuition! :)

On Tuesday, I went with some friends to the county fair! It was my first time going, but it was a lot of fun. Admissions was $10, but the rides weren't included...sadly, the Asian in me wouldn't let me pay $5 for one ride. XD hahaha. However, I did see lots of cute animals!

It's an alpaca with a red afro and a bandana!! How cute~

Goat with baby goat. Baby goat has a bandana, too! Melts my heart <3

Hehe, you might be able to tell, but I love animals with their babies! Cows are no exception <3

It's a LLAMA! hahaha

awww, a sheep with a black head!

Petting bunnies! They're so soft and adorable! I want one!!!

I love this sheep! She's probably my favorite! They're so cute!!!

Spotted goat! An interesting pattern :)