Friday, May 30, 2014

Artsy Fartsy Jellyfishes

Hello everyone!

I feel like I had a pretty productive art day yesterday! It was my first time playing with animations using the free GIMP program. It's actually pretty easy to use, although the results aren't as smooth as a professional program like Flash, but I was pretty satisfied with the results.

This is a gif of my original characters, Jellyfish Girl and Jelly. Hope you like them! Also, please check out my DeviantArt account for more artwork!

Say "Hi" to Jellyfish Girl! She's super excited to see you guys! I got sort of lazy to add shading, but hope you still like her :)

This is Jelly. Like me, he likes to sleep :)

Creative Commons License

Hope Summer's going swell~ How have you been spending summer lately?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Bread-making, nature walks, and dream places

So far this summer, the only productive thing I've done is eat, lol. When I arrived home, my mom bought four cakes from Ikea! Strange, right? You wouldn't expect them to have yummy food, but they do! And the cakes are amazing!! True, true, true!

Sizzling Rice Soup -  it actually sizzles! Really good, but a little salty T_T

Chicken Mu Shu

My family also made bread together! It was a super fun and delicious process~~ This is a braided bread with --of course, due to the Asian-ness of my family, and due to our lack of cinnamon-- red bean paste and raisins.
It's rising! How cute and round~

Putting red bean paste and raisins on!

Braiding it! Braid, braid, braid~

Baked with egg-wash, and now a beautiful gold color!

Now for a random side--I really wanna go visit Moomin Anti-loneliness Cafe! It's a cafe in Japan. If you don't wanna go to a cafe by yourself, it'll totally be okay to go to Moomin, because they provide you a "date"! You get your own over-sized stuffed animal to have coffee and cakes with! OMG! I wanna go. T___T Aren't they so cute?

Image credit: CNN article

Have you guys ever baked something before? If so, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment? hehe :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer starts now!

Hello everyone! Summer has finally arrived for me! No more exams and finals from college, but still a busy packed summer (sadly with studying). Currently, I'm "studying" for the PCAT exams at a nearby Starbuck, sipping "daintily" (*note sarcasm*) on my cup of Jo. Anyways, I did have some fun at least! Here's what been going on recently:

1. Towards the end of Finals week, my Christian group had a celebration banquet for the seniors. My job was to make the table decorations. Sadly, I didn't take too many pictures, but here they are.

There's two different types of flowers~~ They took forever to make, but I think they turned out pretty cute :)

2. I also got my ears pieced! for the third time... The first two times they both closed due to an infection. But this time I got my ears pieced with better quality jewelry, so hopefully it works out! So far, no infections~ I went to Piercing Pagoda. The lady working there was super nice. She was very patient and sweet. She also told me that if the earrings lose their shine within 15 months, I can go exchange them for new ones! How exciting :)

Aren't they pretty? These are princess-cut "diamond" (but not really XD) earrings. They look nice, because they glitter in the light.

3. After attending my friend's graduation (sad, sad T___T), we went to the aquarium! I haven't gone for such a long time, but it was super fun and exciting. I got to touch jelly fishes, rays, and sea anemones! I love being a science-nerd sometimes :)

4. I can't help but want to share this music group my friend showed me. Clean Bandits has such a unique sound and their videos are beautiful! They are an instrumental group, but they invite singers to sing for them. Hope you like them too~

Clean Bandits - Extraordinary

Clean Bandits - Rather Be

Well that's it for now! What are your summer plans?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Confession of a shopping addict: shoes anyone?

Ever since I got my own part time job, I been using much more money. This is bad...But whenever I see something nice on sale, I just can't help but to think it's a good investment. My excuse is that I needed new summer shoes (+ one pair of closed-toed shoes?)! Each pair was purchased from Little Black Bag for ~$11 after considering the cost of shipping.

I ordered these a couple weeks ago. Little Black Bag has this thing where after you purchase, you can have a week to trade around your items. However, I didn't end up doing any trading. I just wanted these shoes. I could have just shipped them right away, but I forgot. Thus they arrived just a couple days ago.

I was super excited to receive them--totally sick of wearing socks and canvas shoes during this 90F weather. It was torturous! I was happy that these shoes came pretty legit--in a shoe box. I really didn't know what to expect.

The lace pattern on this was totally unexpected. On the website, I didn't notice the pattern at all. It's a super cute shoe. It seems pretty comfy as well. However, I got a size 7 and I usually purchase size 7, but this pair of shoe was way too large. There was like a 1/2 inch of space between my feet and the heel of the shoe. I was so sad...this was the pair that I really, really wanted to wear and use.

I really loved the extra little pizzaz on this flat. I love how it appears so chic and formal. It's a size 7 and fits better than the one above but definitely still a little too big. I could fit a finger behind... I would keep it if it were a snug fit, but since it's a ballet flat styled shoe, if it doesn't fit, it's going to flop around when I walk.

It looked a lot better on the site. I didn't really like it even when I saw it. After trying them on, I just disliked it more. The top is too wide. It makes my already slightly wide feet look monstrously wide. The concept is nice, the colors are nice, but the fit just doesn't work.

I'm sad, but I don't think I'm keeping any of these shoes. I want to return them right now, but sadly Little Black Bag is transitioning to Pose, and they haven't been very contact-able...I'm trying to figure out how the whole return process is going to work, but I'm also busy with finals...Soon though, I'll try calling and/or emailing again.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Prepping for Finals Week

The never-ending of tests and projects has finally come to an end...almost. I finished classes Friday and am now "preparing" for exams. In reality, I'm actually preparing for my Christian Group's senior send-off. It's the responsibility of the juniors to prepare the banquet--that includes the table decorations, the room decorations, the seating arrangement, the food, the entertainment, etc. It's been a very stressful but rewarding experience. I'll give you guys an update on the table decorations soon (that's what I'm in charge of).

Anyways, today at Church, my discipler gave me a care package for finals week. It was just super sweet of her. She also made me a super cute card~ My discipler is a young adult who's older and more mature than me in my faith. She helps me with my spiritual growth; she's someone I consider a friend and role-model!

For lunch, I made this Kabocha rice! It's really easy. Just microwave for 5 minutes, cut off the top, microwave for another 5 minutes, add in some frozen rice, frozen veggies (my left-overs XD), some salt, pepper, and soy sauce, and microwave for another 6 minutes~

I ate a third of the entire kabocha...while this doesn't look like a lot, it's actually a huge portion. It's really filling and savory~~

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ross Ross Ross...why?

Has anyone heard of or been to Ross before? Ross sometimes gets a bad rep, but in my opinion, it's like any other thrift store. Some things are good, some things aren't so good.

Ross is a off-price retailer, selling clothing for greatly discounted prices! I just went a couple days ago and looked through "piles" of clothing (well, they're not actually in piles but are well ordered :)). I went to the dress section and there was actually really cute stuff--all for about $12-14 a piece! I was super excited! The quality of the clothing weren't too bad (maybe on the level of F21 or better?).

I pulled out so many dresses and tried them on. To my dismay and to great disappointment, I "discovered" what a hassle it is to be so short...   The dresses don't fit my body shape too well; they don't end at the right places. I wish I could hem and sew, but sadly I still need to learn. That way, I'd be able to tailor every piece to my body. Luckily, I did find one piece that was super cute and floral-y for $10--perfect for summer! <3

I also wore this dress to a wedding! My first wedding~~ It was an amazing testament of God's grace and His good plans. I loved how encouraging the pastor was towards the bride and the groom--they're actually missionaries in Mongolia!!--and how the wedding was so focused on His love and goodness. The couple looked so beautiful and happy together!

Haha, sadly, I'm inside studying for finals and not enjoying the beautiful day today...I also cut my bangs a little too short >___<

When did you attend your first wedding? I hope you guys have an amazing almost-summer 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Exploring the world wide web of shops: MotelRocks and Fame&Partner

Who doesn't love shopping and window shopping? While I don't have a lot of opportunities to physically visit stores, I love surfing the web for unique and cute stuff. Recently I discovered these two: MotelRocks and Fame&Partners.

MotelRocks has 25% discount for students! Yay. Anyways, the e-shop has a section called Motel Vintage, and it seriously has some cute vintage looks. According to the site, "each piece is carefully hand picked and lovingly re-worked into the hottest one of a kind styles," meaning that there's a set "blueprint" of how the outfit should look, but each piece has its own variability! Here's some works/styles I really like!

Fame & Partners is a unique e-shop that specializes in creating custom tailored outfits for users. The dresses are super elegant and beautiful! I'd feel like a princess wearing them! These pieces can be altered into mini dresses, maxi dresses (if they are mini dresses), changing colors, changing certain fabrics, etc. So interesting~

Just wondering, do you guys like maxi dresses or mini dresses better?