Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ross Ross Ross...why?

Has anyone heard of or been to Ross before? Ross sometimes gets a bad rep, but in my opinion, it's like any other thrift store. Some things are good, some things aren't so good.

Ross is a off-price retailer, selling clothing for greatly discounted prices! I just went a couple days ago and looked through "piles" of clothing (well, they're not actually in piles but are well ordered :)). I went to the dress section and there was actually really cute stuff--all for about $12-14 a piece! I was super excited! The quality of the clothing weren't too bad (maybe on the level of F21 or better?).

I pulled out so many dresses and tried them on. To my dismay and to great disappointment, I "discovered" what a hassle it is to be so short...   The dresses don't fit my body shape too well; they don't end at the right places. I wish I could hem and sew, but sadly I still need to learn. That way, I'd be able to tailor every piece to my body. Luckily, I did find one piece that was super cute and floral-y for $10--perfect for summer! <3

I also wore this dress to a wedding! My first wedding~~ It was an amazing testament of God's grace and His good plans. I loved how encouraging the pastor was towards the bride and the groom--they're actually missionaries in Mongolia!!--and how the wedding was so focused on His love and goodness. The couple looked so beautiful and happy together!

Haha, sadly, I'm inside studying for finals and not enjoying the beautiful day today...I also cut my bangs a little too short >___<

When did you attend your first wedding? I hope you guys have an amazing almost-summer 

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