Monday, May 26, 2014

Bread-making, nature walks, and dream places

So far this summer, the only productive thing I've done is eat, lol. When I arrived home, my mom bought four cakes from Ikea! Strange, right? You wouldn't expect them to have yummy food, but they do! And the cakes are amazing!! True, true, true!

Sizzling Rice Soup -  it actually sizzles! Really good, but a little salty T_T

Chicken Mu Shu

My family also made bread together! It was a super fun and delicious process~~ This is a braided bread with --of course, due to the Asian-ness of my family, and due to our lack of cinnamon-- red bean paste and raisins.
It's rising! How cute and round~

Putting red bean paste and raisins on!

Braiding it! Braid, braid, braid~

Baked with egg-wash, and now a beautiful gold color!

Now for a random side--I really wanna go visit Moomin Anti-loneliness Cafe! It's a cafe in Japan. If you don't wanna go to a cafe by yourself, it'll totally be okay to go to Moomin, because they provide you a "date"! You get your own over-sized stuffed animal to have coffee and cakes with! OMG! I wanna go. T___T Aren't they so cute?

Image credit: CNN article

Have you guys ever baked something before? If so, what would you consider your greatest accomplishment? hehe :)


  1. Rinako グレーMay 26, 2014 at 12:05 PM

    Aww, I really love baking! I bake something as often as I have a free time <3

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  2. that's great! What's your favorite thing to make? :D

  3. wow the food looks delish and i would love to go to that cafe :)

  4. the bread looks amazing~ and so does all the food ^^
    the cafe is sooo cute
    but then so is everything in japan~<3 i really need to go there someday~ :D

  5. Haha what a coincidence, I just read about this Moomin Anti-loneliness Cafe from another blog today. I'm kind of curious to go there on my Japan trip now. XD

  6. thanks!

    yeaaaa, I'd be so excited :)

  7. I know! Japan has such cool stuff! I really wanna go :)

  8. you should! that'd be so fun :)))

  9. OH THE BREAD LOOKS DELICIOUS!!!~ Wow I wish my family did that hahahah. And I've totally heard of that cafe!! I want to try it too!! It's almost like you want to go alone just so you'll have the adorable date :3

    ChocoKittieHK holidays
    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

  10. thank you! hehehe

    I know, right? You'd wanna go by yourself--that way I can keep him to myself~ <3 I love stuff animals, hahaha XD