Friday, May 30, 2014

Artsy Fartsy Jellyfishes

Hello everyone!

I feel like I had a pretty productive art day yesterday! It was my first time playing with animations using the free GIMP program. It's actually pretty easy to use, although the results aren't as smooth as a professional program like Flash, but I was pretty satisfied with the results.

This is a gif of my original characters, Jellyfish Girl and Jelly. Hope you like them! Also, please check out my DeviantArt account for more artwork!

Say "Hi" to Jellyfish Girl! She's super excited to see you guys! I got sort of lazy to add shading, but hope you still like her :)

This is Jelly. Like me, he likes to sleep :)

Creative Commons License

Hope Summer's going swell~ How have you been spending summer lately?


  1. The jellyfish animations are cute!

  2. Rinako グレーMay 30, 2014 at 7:52 PM

    Aww, so cute! =D

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  3. So cute Anna!!!~ You're so talented!! I always wonder, how does one translate a drawing or a doodle into digital art? :0

    ChocoKittieHK holidays
    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

  4. thank you!

    It's actually a pretty easy process, but it does take some getting used to. For these, I drew out my art by hand, and then use GIMP to create the line-art. Then I colored it and used GIMP again to create the animation.

    BTW, GIMP is a freeware :) hehe <3 It's sort of hard to outline by hand if you don't have a tablet, so what I use is the pen-tool. it takes a long time, but it's worth the result.