Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Review: Just-Fab haul

I made an account a while back, but left it alone for a while. Luckily I received a $10 credit -- I guess an attempt by the company to encourage its members to become VIP members. I decided to try it out and buy some accessories. The package arrived five days after I made the order.


I was quite impressed with the packaging. It was very nicely put together. Each box contains one item, and inside the box were little baggies. I want to save these baggies to use to use later :)


In the Loop (sorry the picture appears silver, but it's actually gold) - $6.95
This necklace is super cute. I love the elegance and daintiness of it. The gold is a nice, brilliant color! I love it!

On the Fly (also in gold - once again appears silver >__<) - $6.95
I love this necklace as well. It's super dainty and elegant, and I love the way it feels. It's perfect for an every-day outfit!

Silver Reign (also in gold -- for some reason my phone makes the picture appear silver...) - $6.95
This anklet fits pretty well and looks quite nice. The problem is that it's difficult to make the fringes appear neat and the chain is very long, so it touches the ground...

Like a Charm - $6.95
This is definitely one of my favorite items that I bought. The charms are super cute and unique. HOWEVER, I can wear it... It looks way better in the photos, but the charms are so heavy that just fall under my arms--you'll never see them...

too bad...the charms are too heavy...
I think I'll try removing the charms and making them into a necklace or into a different bracelet...If I do so, I'll let you know how they end up looking! hopefully it'll be a lot better :)


Overall, I liked my purchase. The items seems to be good quality, and the styles and designs are just superb! I would purchase again from JustFab--if I receive more in-store credit XD I'm a bit stingy, so I don't usually purchase $7+ accessories unless I'm absolutely in love with the item or the quality of the item is amazing...

How is everyone doing? Has anyone tried one of these membership sites before? 


  1. Seeing these purchases makes me so curios about Just Fab!
    Off to go "window" shopping now :3

    If you could, please check out my blog:

    I would really appreciate it!

  2. I have never heard about this company! I like the on the Fly one best though!

  3. Lol, I never knew JustFab sold accessories~ I always just check out their shoes but never made an account.. lucky you.. I want $10 credit too haha! :P those accessories are so pretty and perfect for summer~ plus, bonus for pretty cute packaging too! :D X

    Chic Nikkie

  4. I wanted to look for something around 10 dollars xD so I luckily found that they had accessories! I think for a lot of shops like these, they give you credit if you don't purchase something right away! :) it's sort of an incentive to make you become a member!

  5. Thank you! It's a shop where you can get VIP membership (you have to pay a monthly price--but that money goes towards purchasing items) or normal membership (where items are a little more expensive).

  6. Haha lol! I love "window shopping" too xD so much fun! Makes me wish I had more money :P lol