Saturday, April 26, 2014

Daiso, the land of the $1.50

Has anyone heard of Daiso? It's a Japanese-based chain that has opened also in America! There stuff there are super cute and actually very good quality, especially for $1.50. You can find bento boxes, notebooks, unique Japanese household items, and lots of stationary!! I went there a couple days ago, and boy did I can carried away in checking out each of the different isles! <3

These are the items I got: make-your-own tea bags, apple cutter, spiral notebook (whoops, it's upside-down :P), baking tin, vocabulary flashcards (on a chain!) and two cute, girly notebooks. 

A $1.50 notebook isn't very cheap, especially if you can find those 5-10 for a $1.00 ones at Target or Walmart, but at least the design is so much better! The floral ones on the bottom actually have a plastic covering over them, so you can insert things inside the cover/back if you'd like. I really love the floral designs, but I might want to add some mini-photos inside as well! hehe~

Have you gone to Daiso before? And what's your favorite things from Daiso?


  1. Hi Anna!
    Cool update about Japanese stationery stores!
    Those type of stores have such a savvy simplistic design~
    I was so excited when I read that Daiso is now open to America.
    However, it seems like there is none in New York yet uuuu :'(
    I guess we have a similar store called Muji but it sells a variety, hehe.

  2. You got really interesting things! **



  3. hehe yep! I love asian stores :P

  4. thanks~ Have you ever been to Daiso before? That's too bad that there's none in NY D':

    I really wanna check out muji though! I checked their online store and loved their stationary T___T This is just too cute XD Face Notebook!!! Look at the eyes XD hahaha. I really like this too! 5 for $4!! sigghhh :) I really like the simplicity of the stuff that Muji has!

  5. Daiso is seriously seriously one of my favourite places! Over here in Singapore everything in Daiso is only for $2 and there's soooo many varieties of things. Everytime I go I always get carried away and end up spending so much :P

  6. there are so much variety! I get carried away too >___< love the place~~

  7. Love Daiso :) I end up buying alot of cute things i dont really need hahaha

  8. i loveeee daiso!!

    I totally recommend the make up brush cleaner solution, it is the absolute best \.
    haha the apple cuter is soo random but everything from daiso is awesome.
    You have a super cute blog btw love it!

  9. Sorry for the late reply >.<

    I really love the muji store. They have an amazing concept of products and designs.
    Also the prices are quite affordable especially the stationary section!
    I really love their socks too, hehe.

  10. how perfect! Whaaaa, socks <3 I love socks :P hehe Someday, I wanna go to Japan and by some cute mismatched (or matching, lol) socks~~ :D

  11. sorry for the late reply! Thanks so much for the suggestion! I'll check it out :)

    I really love the randomness of japanese stores! You never really know what to expect lol!