Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Girl Crush: Xiao Wen Ju

There's so many models in the world. I already have a couple favorites--Soo Joo Park & Gemma Ward--but I didn't really know any Chiense models. So recently, I've been trying to "discover" some!

So, has anyone heard of Xiao Wen Ju? She's super adorable--both in personality and face. She's known for her smile and for sticking out her tongue :P hehe. Xiao Wen Ju has such beautiful, wide-set eyes <3 kyaaaaaah

She's totally cool in my books! Do you have a favorite asian model?


  1. Wow, she's so beautiful! :O

  2. I know~~~ <3 I wish to see more of her works in the future~

  3. She has such a versatile face!

  4. Yea! She can be cute, but also sexy and serious :) hehe <3