Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter~~

Hi Everyone, and a good Easter Sunday to you all!

I know not everyone is religious, but I hope everyone enjoys this special day. For me, it is a wonderful remember of what Jesus Christ has done for me. Christians are humans, and they are just as prone to making mistakes as others. I know that I've definitely made a lot of horrible choices this year, like getting angry at my friends and family, saying hurtful words, procrastinating with homework, eating like a glutton, and what-not. However, to know that even though I have many problems in my life--all of which is considered sin in God's eyes--and that Christ died (and has risen again) for these sins makes today a great reminder of how blessed I am to live the life I do!

Today, I'm preparing crafts for the four year olds! They're truly a cute reminder of God's gift in life~ So sweet and fun to play with, especially for someone like me who has the mental age of a kids XD haha, jk :P

Look at all these crafts! so cute, ehh?? <3 It's a mobile!

Also, a healthy breakfast is a good breakfast!

Hope you guys enjoy Easter! Do you (or did you, if you're seeing this post later) have plans to this day?