Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas vacation in Bellevue

Hello everyone!! I hope you've all had a great Christmas season and winter break. I just came back from a mini vacation with my family to Bellevue, Washington. We pretty much did nothing at all except to eat and do a little holiday shopping.

One particular restaurant we stopped by was called Ruth's Chris Steak House. My family ordered three different steaks to share--all at medium. Unfortunately for my sister and I, we didn't quite like the steak cooked at medium...we're just not used to that sort of flavor. My parents, on the other hand, really enjoyed the steak. We also ordered a salad, which was delicious! The tuna was soft--unlike other restaurants'...

We also ordered a cheesecake to share for desert. That was probably one of the best cheesecakes I've ever had! AND the presentation was extra special and cute~ <3

Also, lucky for us, there was little Christmas parade during our stay! It was such a cute and festive time--made me so happy and excited! I haven't seen a parade, much less a Christmas one, for such a long time. The girls in the parade were dressed in such cute red, white, blue outfits with little bobs, and there were guys were playing the drums and dancing on the street! hahaha, such a festive experience! Made Christmas seem much more like Christmas~

Overall, I had a nice little vacation get-away! 
How about you all? How was your Christmas? :)


  1. Wonderful photos especially the food parts. It seems like you had a wonderful time during Christmas week.

    Sorry for the absence in showing up your blog
    I can't believe your break started so early. So lucky ~
    Mine just started last week! Unfortunately, I will be stuck here lol
    But I'm glad to hear that you will still stick to your blog's purpose. I look forward to your posts~

    Happy Holidays~~

  2. thanks~~ It's been a blast to be home <3

    aww, no worries :P hahaha, yep my break starts pretty early and lasts pretty long! It's about 4 week~~ yay! Awwww, just started? :( Hope it'll be a great break~

    Happy holidays to you too~

  3. Look like you had a fab Christmas!! HAHA (that cheesecake tho)