Monday, December 15, 2014

My christmas wishlist from WISHTREND

Hello everyone! As some of you may have seen, I'm a huge fan of Korean (and Asian) skincare. It's so much more thorough than what many Americans are used to--with up to 11 steps! It's hard to think that only a couple years ago, I never used any sort of skincare products--just good, old water and towel. However, after finding out about the importance of skincare, I've been strangely (and happily) addicted to Korean skincare and products. Not only are they effective and cute, but many of these products are of much higher quality that American products of the same price.

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Today, I'd like to introduce to you Wishtrend, an online Korean beauty store. There are few points that make Wishtrend stand out from other Korean beauty stores:

  1. Well-integrated and very informative Youtube channel
  2. Exclusive and hard-to-find brands
  3. Huge range of products
  4. WISHboxes with discounted prices on a collection of products

I think the main reason I really love Wishtrend is that they like to keep their customers informed. They do that through they Youtube channel and through their newsletters. I love listening to their videos and reading the newsletters because I definitely learn a lot from them. I also want to purchase every product they mention >__< hahaha. Someday, maybe.

Here are some examples of videos and newsletters in which they inform their viewers:
- [Newsletter] What does vitamin C do for your skin?
- [Newsletter] Exfoliation tips for different types of skin
- [Youtube] Basic skin type test & rules
- [Youtube] Best Skin Care Products for Body & 3 Essential Body Care Tips
- [Youtube] Autumn/Fall Skin Care 101 & Natural Moisturizers

My Christmas Wishlist

These two are what's known as the Wishboxes. They contain a few products sold at approximately 30-50% off! I really would like to try a few products this way!

If you've taken a look at this youtube video, you'll see that the last two items on my wishlist are from that video--truthfully, I wanted everyone in that video. >__<
What skincare products do you have on your wishlist?


  1. I'm in love with korean (asian) skincare products, too!! They are so amazing and perfect for my skin! I have heard from wishtrend and I will purchase a box next year... The boxes are so cool!!

  2. hahahaha lol <3 they are~~

    Ohhh~~ Let me know when you do! I'd love to hear about it!!

  3. awww, thanks! Aren't they cute idea?? :)

    yesss~~ I agree! the firefly mason jar would look so beautiful outside on a starry night! <3

  4. I love korean skincare as well! and totally will check out wishtrend!

  5. haha, yeaaa! Korean skincare is so addictive >__< <3

  6. oh KLAIRS. I like that brand~ I've tried their bb cream and it was great

  7. oh so cool! I'd love to try Klairs :P <3 Glad to hear that about their bb cream!

  8. I'm not that familiar with Asian skincare but keep hearing great things and finding recommendations so looks like I'll have to try it out soon! :)

  9. awww, you should definitely check it out :) Asian, especially Japanese and Korean products, tend to be a great deal for their quality! :) Maybe I'll make a post about it~ :) hehehe :)