Monday, December 8, 2014

End of the semester

I can't believe time has passed so quickly! It seemed like only yesterday that I was freshman in college. Now I'll be graduating in May! Although this last week was extremely busy and time-consuming (every class was trying to squeeze in last-minute projects and assignments), I was able to have lots of fun with friends!

During Thanksgiving break, I went to visit some family friends in San Diego. It was such a fun and exciting experience. I was definitely existed to see them again, as they moved to SD during the summer. My sister and I stayed from Friday to Sunday, spending time with my friends (playing Monopoly!! XD hahaha) and drinking tea with the 阿姨 (ayi - auntie). It was such a fun experience.

Tea set. These tea cups are so tiny and so cute. I can probably take 3 sips XD hahaha

We also went to Potato Chip Rock, a 8-mile, almost completely uphill hike. It was so exhausting, but so rewarding, too. I think everyone became quiet later on during the trip because it was so tiring. XD

Route to Mount Woodson, San Diego
Mount Woodson Trail in San Diego 
Not me, lol. The lines were too long, so I just took a picture and left :P
After coming back from Thanksgiving break, my sister and I worked on this group project--creating a 90 second video pitch for our make-believe fashion/apparel brand. We used this program called VideoScribe. If anyone's looking for a good quality video-making program, VideoScribe is pretty awesome. Sadly it costs money, but there's a 7-day free trial (which we used) that allows you to publish the video with the VideoScribe logo. I personally wouldn't pay, just because I don't think I would have the chance to use it again. However, through this video-making project, I realized just how much I enjoy making, editing videos. I love anything involving creativity, and video-making just made that list of favorites!

On Wednesday, I went out with my girlfriends from our Senior Bible Study to have an end-of-the-semester dinner. We ate at Shinsengumi, an amazing ramen place. If anyone is in the LA area, Shinsengumi (and Daikokuya) are a definite must to check out~~

Hakata ramen--so delicious!!
Lastly, yesterday, my church had an Women's Christmas Breakfast. My church is "famous" for its love of food and for providing delicious food. We have delicious breakfast burritos and many homemade snacks and pastries. I also came home with a cute goodie bag of Diddy Reese cookies~~ <3 hehehe. Unfortunately I forgot to take many photos T__T Here's some yummy punch though XD

So cute, right? It has some sparking water, pineapple juice, other juices, cranberries, and lemon slices! <3

This week may been filled with assignments and projects, but it was definitely a fun and exciting one. Thanks for "hanging out" with me and listening to my life!!

How have you guys been? Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Are you excited for the Christmas season?


  1. Loving this post! Really sweet, and super beautiful shots :)

  2. aww, thank you for the sweet comment! <3

  3. Good to read and to see you are taking time
    to relax and enjoy times with your friends!
    Lovely pictures and the foods looks great c:
    I wish you good luck with the finals!! Xx