Saturday, December 13, 2014

3 fun DIY additions to your Christmas gifts!

Need a little extra something for your Christmas gifts? Have no fear~ Today, I will be sharing with you all some cute and (maybe :P) quick DIYs that you can make and add to your gifts for a little personal touch!

Ice Pandora's mini crochet gift-boxes are extremely adorable!! She has a great and detailed tutorial on her blog! Check it out here!

Source: Ice Pandora
Need something for a child? Make a dollhouse pillow! It's so cute that I want one too~ </3 (I've decided that it'll be on my winter to-do list! hahaha) Blogger Rubyellen from Cakies has shared a tutorial on A Beautiful Mess. Check it the tutorial out here!

Source: Cakies
This DIY "firefly" mason jar is just absolutely beautiful! The DIY would make such a wonderful additional to any table! Doesn't it look like something that came from a store? Ashey from Lil Blue Boo shared this tutorial, which you can find here!

Source: Lil Blue Boo
Hope you all get some nice ideas from these bloggers! Let me which ones you might do this winter break!


  1. Oh, awesome picks! Thanks for sharing these cute and fun ideas :)

  2. I love these bloggers! Amazing picks! The house pillow is so stunning!


  3. awww, thank you~~~
    I know right? I want one :P

  4. Thanks!! :) hehehehe, yea, the pillow's pretty special :P