Sunday, October 26, 2014

LA Ultimate Women's Expo

I took a little break from school to attend the LA Ultimate Women's Expo with my sister. It was definitely very interesting--there will many little booths selling anything from food to make-up to apparel to teeth-whitening products! Although I was mainly interested in the beauty products and the food, it was cool to see so many different brands ands companies come together to promote their goods.

Having fun at the Expo--btw, did you notice that this was my DIY skirt from the summer? :)
The expo had free samples of Quest Bars! I tried my first bar, and it was super good! These bars actually quite low in calories too--what a perfect and filling snack~ I hope none of the workers there noticed, but I went back to try a second bar >__< Probably not supposed to get two samples, but they still gave it to me :P hehehe

Mai Couture also had a booth there! I love their products, particularly their blush. All you do is tear half a sheet of the blush paper and gently dab it on your face for a natural bit of color. It's super fun and easy to use--and mess free! Now I really want to start using makeup too XD hahaha The booth were selling them at 40% off, so I ended up buying one...for my awesome friend! Hope she'll like it! It's a surprise!!! hehehe


My gift for a friend :)
Have you guys ever been to any expo before? Which ones? 


  1. Looks like you had a great time, and those freebies look so sweet!! Wish there were expo's like this where I live. Your outfit is so cute by the way, your satchel looks so great.

    I keep meaning to go to armageddon expo but it always hits too close to my exams ^- ^; pay the price for procrastinating haha....It's the only thing in NZ we have that's anything like comic con :)

    ♡ YouTube and Facebook coming soon ♡

  2. Thank you~~

    Awww, quest bars are actually one of the few I like T___T I wish you could try them!! :)

  3. haha, thanks :) yeaaa for samples!!

    thanks for the compliment~~ <3

    awwww, comic cons are super fun seeming though!! I've always wanted to go to one~ <3

  4. Looked liek a great and interesting event!!

    恵美より ♥

  5. no, we've never been to anything like this before, but it looks like a load of fun!

    M + K