Friday, October 17, 2014

Portland, OR, and a pharm school interview

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long time no-show! It's been crazy busy recently, but I hope to be updating regularly soon~

Last weekend, I went back home to have a late birthday celebration with my parents and to attend my UW pharmacy school interview! It was such a hectic weekend. Right after landing in PDX, my sister and I went to interview people for our Entreprenuership class. Luckily those interviews went very well: the owners were very welcoming and eager to answer our questions! I felt blessed to have the opportunity to learn from them.

If you have the chance to visit Portland, you really must check out Bridge & Burn and Sweet Jayne. Bridge & Burn is a apparel brand and its clothing are very simple and utilitarian; the clothing are on the more expensive side. Sweet Jayne, on the other hand, is a local boutique that carries affordable and cute street wear; it works with some local, Portland designers!

Bridge & Burn; photo from their blog

Sweet Jayne; photo from their Facebook page

So after the fun was prepping for my pharmacy school interview! It was such a stressful process, and I was completely nerve-wrecked. Actually the interview went worse than I expected, and I actually started tearing up towards the end because of a combination of stress, nerves, and sensitive topics on ethics. I was ready to start applying to other schools and prepping for more interviews, but praise God for His goodness! I got in! I will soon be a pharmacy student!

I know pharmacy school will be very hectic and busy, but I still hope to pursue my more artsy passions. I still want to start my own brand or apparel/streetwear boutique sometime within the next couple years, but before that, I really need to get some industry knowledge--that's why I'm taking these entrepreneurship classes!

Anyways, a lot of stress has been lifted. It's back to school work and studying for exams! hahaha. I'm definitely going to start posting more, too!


  1. Good luck on interviews ^^

    And cool, I look forward to more posts!

    恵美より ♥

  2. Thank you :) but luckily I don't need to do anymore interviews! horray :D :D