Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fashion, fashion, fashion industry

You know how a couple days ago I posted about going into the skin care industry? Well, I changed to the fashion industry instead. However, there's no doubt that I would love to be involved in both industries, and I will continue to try to interview and understand the skin care industry. Just for my class concentration, finding an entrepreneur to interview in the fashion industry is much easier than for the skin care industry, since most brands are big brands, making it difficult to contact the founder for an interview.

Anywho, I went to Melrose to find some cute boutiques to ask salesclerks and owners about the fashion industry. They were all very nice and were even willing to take pictures (yay, extra points for my assignment)! How exciting~~ Some of the boutiques had super cute clothing, however, sadly, my wallet is currently pretty sad. I feel bad that I couldn't buy anything when the interviewees were sweet and nice.

I did go to Wasteland though! Wasteland is super cool, but it is on the more expensive side. However, the interior decoration and styles available are totally superb~ Check out the Yelp page here <3

Dress: Cheap Monday ($18) 
Skirt: unknown ($15)

What's your price range for consignment/vintage items?


  1. oohhh, you are planning to dive into the fashion industry??!
    That's very interesting ^^
    I can't wait what else you will share and your future ideas about it.

    I really love vintage stuff but I barely go to thift shops >.<
    I do have a price range but I'm not afraid to break it if I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the item, teekee

  2. I really hope so! But for now, I'm actually focusing on the fashion industry for my entrepreneurship class! I wish that this focus will actually turn into something and that classes I take for my entrepreneurship minor will help me get started! :)

    I see! Somethings going thrift shopping is pretty intimidating >__< But it can be pretty fun too~~
    That's so true! somethings, loving the item makes the price totally worth it! :)

  3. Omg, so sorry I didn't see these reply notifications up until today!

    I really wish luck on you. Let me know how it goes because this type of field is very difficult but still like a dream, haha. ^^