Friday, November 14, 2014


Hi everyone!! I'm so sorry for not updating recently!!

Please continue to be patient! I'm trying to decide what direction to take (my blog) at the moment:

  1. keep this blog and focus on beauty/skincare AND start a new fashion blog with my sister, OR
  2. completely start a new blog with my sister and have that blog focused on fashion and beauty.
If you have any insight or suggestions, let me know~~

thanks so much everyone <3


  1. Hmmm..... that's a tough situation.
    I don't think #1 is bad at all! Is your sister ok with a blog only about fashion or would she prefer to do both beauty and fashion? I would like to see more of fashion though (just because I really like fashion, haha and I've seen your previous art drawings before!)

    I also want to still be updated in her small personal trinket updates, haha. It's very enjoyable to read ^^
    Sorry, if my answer didn't narrow what you were seeking for!

  2. Hope you return soon and post more!

    恵美より ♥


  3. Please do keep this blog! Its like your baby <3
    We would miss u so much

  4. awww, thank you for your input! I think I'm leaning towards keeping this blog :) hehehe

  5. awww, I see! thanks so much for the input :)

    I think I'll be keeping this blog and focusing on beauty, skincare, and maybe make-up in the future :) I'll continue with more lifestyle topics here, and maybe create a new fashion blog? I don't know >__< have to talk to my sister about what she wants to do about the fashion aspect :) hehehe

  6. hi girl! well..i think that you should keep this one (cause is really beautiful!;) and share with your sister the beauty and fashion posts.. i mean you can work on a fahion post once when your sister works on a beauty one and the opposite! this is my opinion! hope i helped you! im your new follower too so it would be great if you could visit mine and follow me too! kisses!