Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I'm back! Permanently!

Hi everyone! After some thought, I've finally decided to stick with Anna, Indeed. <3 Steph & I will each have our own blog. We may have each other as guest authors or write public "letters" to each other, updating each other (and you all) on what's been going on in our lives. We'll see how that goes XD hehehe. Thanks for everyone's input. I truly appreciate the time you guys spent investing in me~

hahaha, selfie.

Can't believe it's almost thanks giving (well, I guess it's tomorrow XD). I'm supper excited! I've been eating lots of pumpkin pies and turkey! These are definitely some of my favorite things (in the world) to eat! hahaha. Hope you all will have some yummy food too and spend quality time with family and/or friends!
I actually won't be going home for thanksgiving this time (so sad), but I will be attending my school's president's house for a thanksgiving dinner. I think the president invites all out-of-state students to come. How generous! I can't wait to try the food; I've heard it's delicious!! 

I also really want to go Black Friday shopping, but I have no car T__T. I guess, if anything, I'll just shop online XD hahaha

What are your plans for the break?


  1. AHHHHH GREAT NEWS <3 Please update us on your new collab blog

    We dont celebrate thanksgiving in where I live but happy thanksgiving to u!

  2. Thank you!! hahaha, I hope you have a great day anyways! :)