Thursday, January 22, 2015

Long weekend extravaganza!

This past weekend was a three day weekend for (most) students! I was so happy and excited, especially since school had just started and I didn't have any work to do. So my friend decided to come visit me, and we went to Huntington Gardens and to dinner~

Huntington gardens was such a fun place to visit. Even though we arrived a little late (3pm-ish), we still were able to see a lot. We went to the Japanese, Chinese, and Australian gardens. The first two were very pretty and quite relaxing to look at. However, the Australian garden was very plain...were they still working on it? I'm not quite sure... Lastly, we stopped by the cactus garden. All the cacti were super cute, and the "baby" ones were just all the more adorable~~ hahaha. I guess I have a thing for cacti! 

If you have the chance to go, GO! It's so much fun to enjoy nature and hang out with friends! Also, Huntington has much more than just gardens--there's also many paintings you can check out.



After the trip to Huntington's, we went to SugarFish. It has the best sushi rolls and sashimi I've ever tasted! Usually I don't quite like sashimi, but this was just amazing! It didn't leave any of that icky aftertaste. The fish was very fresh and soft. It melts in your mouth~~ Unfortunately, the setting was quite dark, and I wasn't able to take any pictures...

I did, however, take pictures of food from another restaurant. It's called Alcove CafĂ© & Bakery, located in Los Angeles. The food was also very delicious and very unique. The pricing is actually pretty good for their serving size. The Blackened Salmon Sandwich, which I ordered, was $13.95 and had a huge filet of salmon and half an avocado! Quite delicious :) The last photo was my friend's seafood omelette! She liked it. hehehe.

What did you all do this past weekend? Anything fun or exciting?

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