Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Green tea matcha latte with soy milk~

Product were provided by Kiss Me Organic, but all content and opinions are based on my own experience!

Hi everyone! One of my favorite things to do first thing in the morning is to drink a cup of green tea latte! It's nice and refreshing, especially since I always wake up thirsty.


Isn't the color so lovely? The green is so pretty; it makes it so happy and relaxed when I drink it in the morning! Anyways, in an effort to be healthier this new year, I've been trying to avoid coffee (don't want to get addicted!) Since this oragnic matcha powder has 10 times the nutritional and antioxidant benefits than a single cup of tea and helps increase the metabolism, I felt that drinking a cup of green tea matcha latte would be a great way to start the day.

This cup of morning tea is very easy to make and requires only three ingredients! Hope you're excited!

          1/2 to 1 tsp of matcha (depending on how strong you like the green tea flavor)
          1 tsp of honey
          1 cup of unsweetened soymilk

          1. mix the matcha powder with a small amount of hot water (to help it mix better with the soy milk)
          2. heat the soymilk in the microwave for 1-1:30 minutes
          3. combine the soymilk and matcha "syrup" and stir in the honey
          4. ENJOY~

In this particular recipe, I used Kiss Me Organic's culinary grade green tea powder! I really like this brand because the powder mixes smoothly in drinks and gives a beautiful green color for baked goods! If you're interested in trying this brand, you can find it on Amazon here! If you're in the UK or in Canada, you can find the matcha powder here and here, respectively.

What's your favorite green tea flavored drink or snack?


  1. I just had a cup of green tea latte earlier! It's a nice change from coffee every day, that's for sure. I like this recipe because it's simple and healthy. :)

  2. yes! I agree~ I feel that coffee makes the day seem a bit more rushed but green tea latte seems a bit more relaxing and laid-back! How do you make your green tea lattes? <3

    Thank you!

  3. that looks delicious and refreshing!!

  4. Green tea macarons are my fave! <3 And green tea cakes ^_^ I don't think we have instant green tea powder like that though : / Hopefully someone gets to distribute those in our country. I'll try one for myself with some milk and honey :)

    Strawberry Bunny

  5. awwww! green tea macaron are delicious!! and pretty much any other green tea flavored things!! <3 hehehe

    hopefully, you'll be able to find some green tea powder someday! It's so fun to make your own green tea things!

  6. Lately, I've been lazy and using the O'Sulloc Tea House Green Tea Latte mix. I basically just add hot water to it, haha.

  7. awww, those are good and simple to use though!! :) they're super convenient~~