Friday, January 9, 2015

Bath and Body Works lotion haul

Who doesn't like a good sale? I am absolutely obsessed with them! :) And luckily, Bath and Body Works has a great sale right now! $3 per lotion?? I'm ecstatic! hahaha. My family purchased a lot, so we can stock up for a while. My favorite scents are the holiday ones, but unfortunately I didn't get any... :( oh well. They all smell pretty nice~


Out of these, my favorite is the Japanese Cherry Blossom! Which scent do you like best from Bath & Body Works?


  1. Bath and Body Works is definitely one of my favourite places to hit for lotions and sanitizers! ;) I tried the peppermint one just before Christmas and it smelled so good (like candy cane)- I had an urge to taste my hands lol! >"< I'm sure you smell super delightful :)) Have a great weekend!

    Chic Nikkie

  2. ohhh! i loved the peppermint one too!! The holiday/Christmas scents are the best :D The gingerbread ones smelled quite delicious as well >__< <3

  3. I've been wanting to try bath and body works!


  4. awwww, you should :D It's pretty fun to shop and try stuff there XD hahaha

  5. I love how Bath and Body Works always have amazing deals. I took advantage of this sale too but I gave many of them away to friends and family. I got the Jingle Bellini Body Lotion as well and it's my current favorite scent.

    xoxo | Yu from Spine Breaker Blog

  6. that's great :D hehehe! These lotions, hand washes, etc. are all great gifts!! I should have stocked up on more to give as gifts too :P