Saturday, February 22, 2014

CFashion: Sukiired~

Caught red-handed! Once again, I've been exploring the great Taobao for great fashion and brands finds! I've mentioned a shop (Hello Miffy) on a previous post: check it out here if you'd like!

I actually found out about Sukiired a while back, but I really love their style and concept~ Some of their outfits are a bit more "asian," but none the less, they are very comfortable and chic. Their use of color is also amazing!

I actually really like the tier/layers of the dress. It's super simple, yet comfortable-looking. I love black outfits...although they are a bit more "depressing," but I feel that they never go out of style! I'd totally wear this on a lazy day when I don't feel like dressing up, but still want to dress to impress~

Usually, I don't like outfits with coordinated tops and bottoms (like sweats >__<), but I really like this one (although sweats and regular outfits are a different story). The fabric and color are gorgeous! I love the way the skirt flares out a little, and I love the pleats! I'm definitely a pleats girl~ :) 

This outfit is just so adorable! I love the Mickey sweater, I love the plaid coat, I love the flaring black skirt, I love the triangular clutch! My my~ It's just so perfect!! 

Recently, I've definitely gotten into coats and winter-wear. I really love this color and the texture of the fabric. I've never worn such a mustard yellow, but now I really want to try. I'm just afraid that my skin tone may not pair (or fare) well with such a beautiful color.

Luckily, there's more than one color! hehe. I love this blue tone as well! I'm sure that this blue will fare nicely with my black hair and skin color :) I love the contrast of the bright blue over the black! It's a beautiful pop of color~~

Florals never go out of style! I love the black and white contrast. Once again, this outfit uses minimal colors, but the white adds an oh-so-gorgeous touch of femininity and elegance. I love how warm this outfit seems--perfect for a cold day! Sadly, Cali is super hot right now, and I'm dream of a nice, cool, breezy fall weather just so I can wear these gorgeous coats and outfits~~ sigh...

I want to know a little about you all~ So, the question for this post is...What's your favorite pastime? 

I think I'll start answering my own questions from now on, too, so that you can get to know me more~ My favorite pastime--well, there's a lot, but...--is anything artsy. I love drawing, painting, creating, etc. But sadly, these hobbies are time-consuming, so I rarely have time to do it in during the school year...especially since I have exams every couple weeks. 

I also really like just relaxing, talking with friends, and watching movies, or going out to eat!


  1. I love the coat in the third photo! And Mickey Mouse sweater is so cute and funny... I love it!
    Great brand! Thank you for sharing with us! : )

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  2. I know! I love the cute, comfortable looks~ hehe <3


  3. Oh gosh the blue coordinated outfit is too lovely!! <3 and I want the plaid jacket!

    My fav pasti time is most definitely watching tv series, I wish I can get paid for that.

  4. ouuuu, I wish I could get paid for watching TV, movies, or surfing the web >__< haaha XD lol what type of shows do you watch? <3

  5. great blog.. all are nice pictures but like it 3rd one.. mickey print with skirt.. i love wearing short pleated skirt..they go very well with everything.. follow you via GFC, care to add back

  6. thank you so much! I love pleated skirts, too! hehe~