Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: Shiseido Skincare 1 2 3: White Lucent Brightening Eclaircissant

For my Christmas present, my mom bought me the Shiseido White Lucent Eclaircissant 1-2-3 starter pack. When I went home for the break, she mentioned that my skin has darkened significantly from school in California, and sadly, that was very true.

So, one day we were walking in Macy's, looking for Christmas gifts for friends and families, and we saw this product. It was still expensive, but being the nice and amazing mom she is, she wanted to give it to me as an early Christmas gift. She told me that I should really start taking more care of my skin, since my nice skin wouldn't last forever with just a plain water wash.

I was super excited for this product because I've never used anything so high-class before. The only face wash that I've ever bought and completely finished using was the Neutrogena acne stress control power-clear scrub (not that there's anything wrong with the brand or that it doesn't work, but I've never used a brand costing $50 for 3 small bottles)!

Anyways, here's the review:

Brightening cleansing foam: removes dirt, pollution, and impurities without drying out skin. [2.8 oz]

Brightening balancing softener enriched: instantly infuses moisture and perfectly prepares skin for the next skincare step. [3.3 oz]

Brightening protective emulsion (spf 18): locks in moisture and nutrients while protecting skin from external aggressors. [1 oz]

The packaging is cute and simple but nothing really special. The little bits of pink mades the product very girly and sweet. Of course, this type of packaging is nothing compared to some Korean products out there.

Cleansing foam: at first I thought the product left my skin feeling a little to squeaky clean. I don't particularly like that sensation since it makes me think that I've removed both the good and bad from my skin. I wouldn't necessarily say that the cleanser keeps my face moisturized until all three steps are completed. Another thing I noticed was that the cleanser didn't really prevent acne from appearing. Maybe this happened because classes have started again and I'm getting more stressed, but for the first couple weeks, I noticed that I had a tiny bit more acne than before. This could also be due to the fact that my skin wasn't completely used to using a cleanser (water only). During the 3rd week of using it, the acne did die down.

On a high note, after washing my face, my skin does appears a little brighter. Overall, I liked the product.

sorry~ my hands were wet so the pea size amount of cleanser sort of ran~

Softener: I actually ran out of cotton pads, so I've just been dabbing the solution onto my palms and then patting it on my face. It works out fine this way. I agree with the product description here in that my face feels more moisturized after using it. I really enjoy this step because it's fun!

Emulsion: When I saw the size of this product, I was shocked. It was so small...I felt like I'd use it up in a week. Luckily it didn't turn out that way. However, I also didn't apply it at night. I decided that I'd use normal lotion at night since I wouldn't need the sun protection from the SPF.

haha, I think my face is getting too pale for my body. I'd better start using a whitening body soap too, or else my skin tone won't match! Just kidding. :) Nevertheless, I can tell that my complexion is a bit brighter. However, it's not significantly brighter. I haven't completely finished using it, but I've been using it daily for about 3 weeks now. I really enjoy using it, and even though these products are so small, they last for longer than I expected.

Overall rating:     
Repurchase? maybe, if I feel like splurging.
I'm not crazy crazy over this Shiseido White Lucent Eclaircissant. :)

Question for this post: Have you ever used a whitening or brightening product? Which one? Also, do you have any suggestions for what I should include or take out in my reviews?


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  2. I actually haven't used any whitening or brightening products! I never really know what works best for my skin since its so sensitive!
    Great post and love your analyses! :)
    Can't wait to see more! P.S. you're absolutely adorable! xx

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

  3. yes, it's really difficult to figure what's good...Especially if the product has unknown ingredients and what not.

    Thanks for the compliments~ and thanks for dropping by!

  4. Shisheido!! aghggg i love that brand so much! and i serioulsy need some whitening products now ever since i got sunburnt

  5. haha lol :) I do like Shisheido too <3

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  10. I used this whitening papaya ointment and my face and body were two totally different colors hahaha but foundation fixed it right up, great review!!

  11. aww, that's too bad! I feel like even the cleanser doesn't completely keep my acne away. Then again, I do have bangs and that makes my forehead really oily... D:

  12. waa! What's the whitening papaya ointment? I've never heard of it before! lol xD

  13. Yeah, this line/cleanser probably ONLY focuses towards whitening/brightening =/

  14. true >__< trying to find another product to try XD my blackheads on my nose are horrible -___-'

  15. Unfortunately I have a crazy amount of blackheads all over since my pores get clogged easily! So I try to exfoliate often! Find a scrub instead! :D

  16. I know D: the pores on my nose are horrible. It makes me wanna cry T___T haha

    I really wanna find a good one XD any suggestions? I was thinking of trying a Daiso product: Nose Pack Blackhead Peel Off Pore. XD I just don't know if I can actually go to the store. Don't have a car, so it's pretty inconvenient >__<

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  18. Thanks for the comment! I just did :)

  19. been using shiseido for the past five years and I must say, it does wonder to your skin! Once you past 16.. you really must take good care of your skin and your 40 yo self will thank you! :)

    The Sweetest

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  21. The products look lovely but I wish the price could be lower !
    Thanks for the review anna xx

  22. that's so true XD I'm glad that I'm starting now at least >__< hehe

  23. Thank you so much~ I love your blog, too :) It's so cute <3

  24. I know D: I really wish that the US would have awesome quality beauty brands with lower prices T___T

  25. Interesting review. I hope you can get your skin back after exposing it from those dangerous california waves, hehe.

    I have this neutral relationship with shiseido. It's ehh but good at the same time. I have their pure cleansing foam but I don't use it all the time since my face reacts badly to if I i use it every day. So mind you, I too use water only and use shieseido cleanser once in a while. I might resort to Korean facial products some day when I have the time to research.

  26. lol, yep XD California waves are dangerous XD hehe

    yeah, sometimes I wonder if popular American skin care products are really that great especially when compared to Korean or Japanese products. I hear the quality is better for the price, too :T

  27. Amazing detailled review and it sounds very promising, unfortunately all great products are so expensive, but perhaps I should give it a try since I often buy products who don't work and have to trow them away, such a wast! Thank you very much ^-^ And hopefully your skin will restore like it was before ^-^

    Loves The Mad Twins

  28. I'm not sure anymore. I'm still using american products and day by day I see my face getting worse. Why. WHY WHY
    Anyways I think I'm going to change my skin routine starting from korean products since my friend's skin is soooo flawless (and he's a guy, ughh).

  29. sighhh! I really want to try out some korean products. They're super cute too! haha, I'm sure they more targeted towards asian skin types anyways!

    what?!?! A guy, that's not far T___T hahaha

  30. aww, thanks <3

    yeah, I'm really bad about finishing the products I buy. This is first one I've almost finished so far >__< haha