Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Skin care products I want to try for the year~

I realized I didn't have a New Year post, so I wanted to make one regarding skin care products that I want to try for this year. I love looking for new products, so I think this will be a perfect thing for me to post~ hehe

Some of these different types of products may be a little confusing, so I'll be writing description for y'all! I'll actually need them, too... still new to Korean skin care products. ^__^ There's definitely way more product types than in the States.

1. Cleanser 
I don't use make-up (regularly) so I'm not currently interested in buying an oil cleanser, but I know that oil cleansers are great for quickly removing make-up and dirt! Currently though, I'm interested in just the "normal" cleansers. 

I've been wanting to try the Etude House Baking Soda series for the longest time! I want to test out the "Whipping Foaming" cleanser. Not only does it seem fun, but also I've heard that it can help reduce pore size and clean out blackheads (which I desperately need...T___T).

2. Masks
Masks, while aren't super common in the State are quite popular in Asian countries. They are used for deep cleaning and for moisturizing. 

Currently, I'm drooling (is that the right word? >__< ehehehe) over Etude House's I need you series, particularly the yogurt strawberry mask and the white pearl mask. The yogurt strawberry mask is supposed to help with soften and moisturize your skin, and the white pearl mask is meant to brighten your complexion! How perfect for a California girl where the sun can be quite drying for the skin~

Another beauty product I've been wanting to try is Innisfree's capsule recipe pack. While they seem small, each pack can be used up to four times! Hooray~~ Innisfree is famous for their jeju volcanic products (which can help with oily skin and --once again--pore size), so I want to try it! I also want to try the canola honey since that helps with complexion and moisturization. The last one is the sleeping rice pack, which also helps brighten complexion!

3. Toner 
Asian toners are sort of different from American toners. They have the purpose of adding moisture to the skin and maintaining proper pH levels, rather than being used as astringents.

I haven't actually found one that I've really been dying to try...any suggestions??

4. Essence/Serum
These are concentrated treatments for you skin! They penetrate deep into your skin and help your skin look healthier~

Skinfood's peach sake serum sounds really promising. I've heard that it's great for those with oily skin (like me). My forehead is horrendously oily due to my bangs...sigh.

5. Emulsions
Emulsions are similar to serums (but contains less concentrated actives). Their main purpose is to add moisture the skin. The texture is like lotion but not as thick!

The Face Shop's ice flower series is targeted towards oily skin. It really helps keep your skin moisturized without given it an extra shine! The packaging is also so beautiful __ I think it'd make me feel really elegant--like a real lady XD hehe

That's all for today! Hope you enjoy the post~

This post's questions: What's your favorite Korean beauty brand? Which product? <3


  1. I never heard about a serum! I want to try that as well! :) Are the mask available in Europe as well?

  2. I know! Serum seems really nice! It's meant to help target skin problems, like wrinkles, oiliness, dryness, etc. :) It helps keep your skin "happy"! hehe <3

    I'm pretty sure you can get the masks in Europe. I'm not really familiar with European shopping trends, but I'm sure there are many stores online that will ship there :) Sorry for the vague answer... >__<

  3. The yogurt strawberry mask sounds great! I want to try it ^w^
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  4. I know!! It sounds so delicious too!!

  5. Great choosing of product!! :)


  6. nice blog

  7. packaging of The Face Shop's ice flower series is very pretty!

    I would like to try out innisfree too :)


  8. I am currently using an emulsion right now instead of a lotion. Works wonders on my skin! I have a shiny t-zone and dry on other parts of the face, patchy dry. I am currently using Etude House's Collagen...something line. Hahaha You try it too. :)

    I wanna try some serums this year too! Hope to see reviews and maybe we can share our thoughts! :)

  9. I really want to try one of the face masks. They seem much more convenient than the types you can buy from around here and I'm always hearing good things about them.

  10. yahhhh :) the color and design is super unique <3

    I've heard great things about innisfree <3

  11. ouuuu!! I'm so happy to hear that! Now I want to try it even more!! I'll have to look for the collagen line as well XD hehe <3

    That sounds great! I really hope to do some reviews as well and share our thoughts~~

  12. I totally agree! Which type would you like to try most? <3

  13. The White Pearl kind looks really pretty but that's probably just being biased haha!

  14. haha, lol. I know! totally me too! I really wanna lighten my complexion, so that it looks healthier :))) hehe

  15. The cleanser and Innisfree's capsule recipe pack sound so promising :D I really need one of these products , hopefully they aren't to expensive x')

  16. I only discovered how big Etude House was when I flew over to Thailand last week! Bought back a BB cream and a toner - and you're so right on how different toners are in the Western side of the world! Need to try one of those masks also.

  17. They have so many cute products *0* I'll check them out!!

    恵美より ♥

  18. I know! It's such an interesting concept too! Not having to buy a large jar, but being able to try little bits of different types!! Horray!!

  19. Waaaa!! So cool! I've never been to Thailand before, but it sounds so fun!!

  20. I sooo agree!!! The packaging makes me feel so happy~~~

    I think I'm already following you xD hehe. Please follow me back as well :))

  21. Haha you should totally go! I had heaps of fun, and there was so much shopping to be done! I got the Etude House Whitening Toner and it's super moisturising. Although I liked the BB cream more and gave the toner to my mum who loves it!

  22. I love exploring cultures! what's you're favorite thing to do in Thailand?

    ohhh! I want to try that toner! I really want a good whitening product! hehe