Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review: Julep it girl nail polish

I decided to try the Maven membership for Julep~ I've heard a lot of great things about this brand. The colors seem so beautiful and unique, too! Here are some of my favorites:


Isn't this packaging so adorable? I love how the nail polish colors are their swimsuit colors! So cute~~ Anyways, I really like the gold polish--wouldn't it be so cute overlaying a solid color, like that Lani (aka, "Mediterranean teal blue crème") polish? hehe I also have a thing for glittery polish >__< The lilac/amethyst color is just so beautiful too... kyaaaaaa

For my first box, I got the "It girl" series. I really, really like the colors! They pop out and contrast nicely with my skin~

Libby: Rich teal crème
Elle: Plum frost
Bunny: Crisp white linen with fine gold shimmer

Here's some pictures that I took:

Packaging: Not only did they package the polishes really well, but also the box in which they sent the polishes. I really love the purpleness! hehe. The packaging inside is super chic and glamorous too. I love the use of the white cases, and the design of the nail polishes!

Polish itself: Like I said, I really like the colors! The colors go nicely with my skin tone (usually I can't pull off bold colors!). Have you guys noticed that white nails are becoming pretty popular nowadays? So I'm super excited for that one. One thing I really liked was that the polish dried pretty quickly. My nails also don't feel heavy after applying two coats (like some other polishes >__<).

Some problems that I had with the polish were that it was easy to scratch off by accident and that you need to use a glob of polish when applying a layer at a time. If you like me--very reluctant to use a lot, so as to save the product--then it was frustrating. Since the polish dries really quickly, if you use a thin layer, the polish doesn't apply really smoothly.

The goods:
+ 1 layer is pretty opaque (but 2 is better)
+ dries really quickly

The bads:
- easy to scratch off -- need top coat
- must apply a glob

I'll post up swatches for the other two polishes later!!

Question of the post: What's your favorite nail polish brand and/or color?

hehe, shameless selfie...


  1. I really love Coco Channel nail polishes. They are quite expensive but really high quality. : )
    btw. You look so pretty in the photo!

    ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤


  2. ohhh! I've never tried them before! What makes them so good? :D

    awww, thanks <3
    I can only only take good photos if I seriously try...Otherwise my eyes go all squinty on me -___-' lol

  3. Aah they look really pigmented. Do they dry very quickly?

  4. Such a lovely blue!!

    恵美より ♥

  5. loving the color! anyway wat's a glob?

  6. thanks!

    A glob is a blob, or a "large & rounded mass" :) hehe

  7. Hahahaaa - "shameless selfie" LOLLL got me dyingggg.
    Nonetheless, cool colors! I want to pain my nails but I never have the time and also because of my rough behavior, it will get chipped super fast.
    Looking from those pictures, your nails came out looking more bolder and mature!! Whoaaa, you go girl. teeeheee

  8. haha, glad you liked it :P

    I'm actually really lazy about taking the nail polish off when it starts chipping...I just leave it on forever >___> whoops...

    thanks! <3

  9. Oh my gosh such beautiful colours!

  10. I know, they are! Julep has amazing colors; the nail polishes/membership is sort of expensive, but I just want to collect them all >__< <3