Monday, March 3, 2014

TCD: part of your world performance & White nails

Hello everyone! Recently I just had my TCD (or Traditional Chinese Dance) performance. It was so much fun bonding with all the members! I feel so blessed by the new friends that I've developed during this period of time--being able to learn new forms of dance and getting to know others who love dance, as well.

We had an extreme week of practice: 3 hours of run-throughs on Monday and Wednesday, and a 5 hours of staging and practice on Friday, and the performance on Friday from 8-10:30pm. Nevertheless, it was such an amazing time. The after-show dinner was a lot of fun too--Korean food! I got Bibimbap, my favorite <3 hehe

Our performance was based off the Little Mermaid (hence the name, "Part of Your World"). I'm not posting to many pictures however, since I don't want to show others' faces without permission.

We're practicing! It's run-throughs! Horray! Isn't that flower pretty? It's my sister btw~~ also, if you'd like to check out her food blog, here you go! <3

Also, I've changed my nail color! It's white, now! This polish is the Julep one that I posted about a while back! It's called Bunny and is supposed to have a little gold shimmer, but I actually don't see any...hmmmm

I really like the color, but it's a lot harder to apply smoothly! Sometimes, there's bubbles that appear, and it scrapes, too. This Bunny polish doesn't dry as quickly as the other...

Sorry, the lighting is sort of bad, so I tried to change the brightening, but the end result was this...eeks? The color is actually a lot more white than the picture shows.

Don't you just love white nails? I think it's such a unique trend. It's a bold pop of color! I love how much it contracts with my skin tone and with my outfits~ It's super sweet and chic!

What's your favorite nail trend right now? Or have your ever seen Chinese dance before? <3


  1. Rinako グレーMarch 3, 2014 at 7:57 PM

    Your hairstyle with the flower is so beautiful! ^_^

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  2. thank you! <3 It's actually my sister :P I was the one who took the picture XD haha

  3. Love the nailpolish!

  4. cute hair and love your nails girl<3 great blog too, keep up the great work!

    anyway would you be interested to follow each other?? do let me know! I'd love to see more from you [:


  5. thanks for the comment! :)

  6. thank you! Big flowers are so cute <3 hehe

  7. Love your hair you look so cute with it and the nail is nice, I think I really like the rainbow color nails design (: x

  8. Thank you so much!!

    ouuu, rainbow! Like pastel-y or bright and bold? :D