Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break in DC!

I'm (sadly) back from Spring Break! It was an amazing time, during which I was able to relax and explore! While I was not able to catch up much on sleep, I was able to obtain the much needed mental break. I went to DC with my family to visit some family friends and to check out the anesthesiology assistant (AA) program at Case Western (and of course check out the plethora of monuments).

My two days of checking out the AA program consisted of (1) checking out the actual campus, which was very small--only one floor!-- and shadowing an actually AA. Both were a great experience as I was able to talk to current students and to real professions! They were encouraging and super willing to answer any questions that I had. If you guys are interested in the health field and don't want to pursue the medical route, just out AA! It's a very rewarding two year program!

Sorry! I'm making such a strange face. hehe. We're in scrubs!! 

The next day, my family just ended up exploring DC and all the monuments (sadly we didn't have time to visit museums T___T). We partook in the Big Bus tours and went around to different historical sites! It was super fun and interesting to see just how much history there is in America, even though America hasn't been established as a country for as long as other countries have been.

The next three days consisted of running around between DC, Maryland, and Virginia visiting family friends! It was encouraging to meet up with them and to eat together. I definitely had my fill of Chinese food there. Now I think I need to focus a bit more on my diet... XD hahaha 

Below are some of the more artistic photos I took! Hope you enjoy them :) Please click on the images if you'd like to see a larger version!

Question for this post! Where's your favorite place to travel to? Is there anyplace you'd go annually? 

Thanks for always talking to me and commenting! I really appreciate it! 


  1. Love your photos~ You are so cute! ^o^

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  2. You're adorable! I love to travel to Shanghai :)


  3. waaa, shanghai??? I love shanghai! It's such an interesting city, filled with culture, good food, and fun shopping XD sadly, I hear the pollution is getter worse. D:

  4. Very cool! :'D I wanna go to DC in the spring to see the cherry blossoms with my hubs~ <3 He has bad allergies, though :(

  5. I know me too! I wanted to see the Cherry blossoms, but since the weather was unordinary cold, there were out when I was there. SO SAD T___T

    awww, allergies are terrible :(

  6. So good to see you getaway from the hectic school life.
    It's so cool that you travelled and ate tons of food.
    I wish I had a group of friends to do some traveling ... like camping lol.
    Unfortunately, spring break won't start until 2 weeks. uuuu
    (sorry if I wasn't able to get back to you soon)

  7. Thank you! :) Traveling with friends is something I've always wanted to do~ This time, I actually went with my mom to see some family friends, but it was great anyways :) Camping sounds fun, though! S'mores! How exciting; hopefully you'll get a chance to do that soon!

    Waaaa, your spring break is pretty late! Most of the schools I know have already had their breaks! But you'll be able to enjoy your time while everyone else (like me T___T) is studying :P haha :)