Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My February wishlist - 金大班 and WISHTREND


          1. Fluffy scarf - ¥45 (US$ 7.24)

Doesn't this fluffy scarf look so warm! I really like this thick, chunky look, because--well--almost everything looks good chunky! I've seen other pieces (like Dahlia's skater skirt worn by Zoe from Fashiononymous) made with the same fluffy, faux fur appearance and automatically fell in love with the style! It just accentuates the wonders of winter layering!

          2. Winter wool skirt - ¥83.60 (US$ 13.46)

The wool is an essential for any winter outfit! Wool fabrics work well with other winter pieces, especially knitted or cashmere sweaters. It's good a keeping the wearer warm while adding chic-ness (made up word? hehehe) to the entire outfit! I really like the design of this particular skirt. It's relatively snug about the hips and then flares out towards the end! How cute~~


          1. Klairs gentle black deep cleansing oil - US$ 22.90
I want this product! I've heard great things about the cleansing oil and about this brand in general! The descriptions said that the cleansing oil can clean out pores and blackheads--and I have horrible, horrible blackheads on my nose (exactly that that photo...)!! 

          2. MISQS cloud cotton balls - US$ 2.99
Aren't these the cutest cotton balls? I absolutely adore the colors! hahaha, who knew there existed such fancy cotton balls. I really want them because these cotton balls can be rolled out--meaning I can use them for a long time! I'll probably be stingy and cut the rolled out pieces in half or thirds. hahaha.


  1. The cotton balls are so cute! ❣◕ ‿ ◕❣

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  2. they are! I love the variety of colors and such!! <3

  3. Great skirt dear :D

  4. Thanks~ It is very cute, isn't it? :)

  5. haha lol! they do look a little like cotton candy! XD