Monday, February 23, 2015

Beauty haul: Innisfree Jeju hand creams

I'm super excited to share my first experience with Innisfree, a Korean brand that focuses on natural beauty products! Lucky for me, I ordered when they were offering BOGO for hand creams and free shipping over $30! I just had to stock up on some hand care products, especially since my hands are always dry in this dry, Californian weather! 

This is how the package arrived--in a box labeled Innisfree. Lol. All the products were well packaged and Innisfree even put all the hand creams in a smaller, white box--how convenient that my creams weren't spilling all over the place~ hahaha.

For this order, I purchased 12 Innisfree hand creams for US$27, making each hand cream $2.25 each! This is, in my opinion, a great deal, considering that Innisfree creams are contain natural ingredients and are so cute to carry around! They're not bulky at all~ I also purchased 1 eco-finger mask mask for $3, so I could get the $30 minimum for free shipping (code: NEWYEAR2)!

Additionally, each order comes with three samples and a scratch coupon (free shipping, 10% off, or 20% off)! For samples, I choose the green tea seed serum, soybean firming serum, and Jeju volcanic pore essence. However, there many other samples that you can from--currently, there are 13 sample choices. 

from left to right, top to bottom: camellianarcissus, peach, daphne, rose, gardenia, and lotus.

Here's a closer up of all the hand creams from this order! I can't wait to try them! Of course, I didn't buy all 12 hand creams for my own personal use. I'll give giving some away as gifts! :) I believe they'd make a cute addition to any gift bags! I already have someone in mind! Hope she likes them :D

If you buys are interested in these hand creams, Innisfree has a buy 2 get 2 free deal right now! AND if you put in the code NEWYEAR2, you can have free shipping! They currently a bunch of other deals, too!

To purchase these hand creams, check out:
Innisfree - 4 for $9 ($2.25 each + free shipping over $30)
W2Beauty - $9.68 each + free shipping
Jolse - $5.98 each + free shipping

Have you ever tried Innisfree's hand creams? If so, what do you think of them? If not, which one would you like to try?


  1. yay! I'll let you know when I test them out :)

    And if you want to try Innisfree products, they have a lot of good deals going on right now XD <3 Although, it is quite expensive to spend $30 all at once in order to get free shipping...but maybe split with friends? :)

  2. I love Innisfree too! haven't tried the hand creams yet, but they look like they smell divine...:)

  3. I know! I can wait to try all the different scents! Will keep you updated! Hehehe :)))

  4. OMG!! they had free shipping going on ;-;
    PLUS BOGO!!! huhuh I wish I had seen it before (cries in a corner)
    that is such a great deal! anyway thank you for sharing your post
    now following you! hope we can be friends :D
    and hope you stop by my blog

  5. awww! It's not too late! XD

    Thanks! I will check out your blog, too! <3

  6. OMG! Such a huge haul!
    Hope you can drop by my blog and see my hauls as well. ♥


  7. Lovely haul!!


  8. I haven't tried their hand creams, but i'd love to try the camellia one ^^. Anna you should try innisfree mask, because it so so so good. Sometimes Innisfree has 10 + 10 deals for mask. what a great deal rite? hehe.

  9. ohh! Cool! What masks do you suggest? 10+10 deals sound great! :D hehehe <3

  10. hahaha, lol. I know! >__< Got a little carried away! My excuse is that now I have lots of little gifts for friends and family :P Of course, I'll be using some myself too~ <3

  11. Wonder how good these are. I've been looking for a good hand cream for a while. I've so far tried the Tonymoly Peach Anti-aging cream and the Skinfood Honey Melon Hand Balm. The first one has got super cute packaging but is not as hydrating as the balm, which I love for winter.

  12. You had a great haul! Those creams are so nicely packaged. #kbeautybloghop

  13. ohhh! I would love to try the Skinfood hand balm! sounds so delicious :)

    I'll let you know how well the Innisfree ones work :)

  14. Thanks! Yes! They look so cute <3

  15. I really fancy trying the Sandalwood scented handcream. I might order from TK or elsewhere though as Innisfree is notorious for getting customs charges in the UK.