Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review: Holika Holika Red Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask

Hi all! I have a review for you all! This is my first time trying a Korean product, so I'm pretty excited! The product is called Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask by Holika Holika. I purchased this product from Ebay by Makozzang, who has a 99.5% positive rating. S/he sells many samples, which is perfect for testing whether I would want to purchase the real thing. It's always good to try a sample first before purchasing a huge bottle/container of the product. 

This is shipment. It came quite fast, considering that it was shipped overseas. The package was well packed--it came with lots of bubble wrap, so I felt assured that the items I ordered were nice and safe!

The package came with 8 samples of 5ml sleeping mask, costing me a total of $3.86 with free shipping. While this is more expensive than the whole 120ml in terms of dollars/ml, I didn't have to try the product for a $17. I'd rather spend almost four dollars to test a product~ Call me stingy :P

With the purchase, I received a free sample! I haven't tried it yet, but it seems fun :) Every purchase from Mokzzang comes with free sample(s) depending on how much is purchased--how exciting! Since I fell in the 0-$10.00, I received one free sample. Of course, the more you spend, the more samples and/or masks you receive!

PACKAGING. So, this is what the container of the sample looks like! It has a wood-grain look to it, which is pretty cute. Sadly, since this is only a sample, there's no way to really preserve it for multiple uses until you have a small container to store it in.

DETAILS. So here's what the product claims!
  • Contains red wine extract, adenosine, and organic herb water 
  • Enhances skin elasticity while sleeping
  • Effective against wrinkles
  • Makes skin smooth and moisturizes
TEXTURE. After opening, you see that this product is pink and jelly-like! It's pretty cool to touch! After removing a little of it, it actually smooths back to its original texture (see last photo). 

REVIEW. This product is pretty nice and is soothing on my skin. I know other reviews have stated that the product becomes a little sticky as it dries, however, for me, it didn't feel sticky at all. It absorbs very nicely into my skin, and by the next morning, my skin feels very smooth and elastic-y! I can't really say much about the anti-wrinkles aspect, as I'm (probably) too young to be experiencing such phenomenon. 

However, there is one down side to this product...the smell is extremely strong. Rather than smelling like (red) wine, it smells strongly of artificial grapes. This smell lasts a long time, as I remember falling asleep to the scent. Of course, by morning it's gone, but I don't quite enjoy trying to sleep with such an overpowering smell!

- Makes skin feel smoother and firmer

- Fun texture

- Small amount goes a long way (used one sample, 5ml, for a couple days)

- Washes off easily

- Strong smell of artificial grapes
- Price

Overall rating:     
Purchase the real deal? Sadly not. I can't stand the smell. 
Repurchase from seller? Yes! S/he ships fast (considering it ships from Korea), and I can get some pretty good deals from the samples.


  1. what a nice idea! I have a bunch of samples lying around that I haven't tried yet, maybe I should and write about it too. Korean stuff is supposed to be real good. too bad about the smell, but thanks for recommending that seller! x

  2. thanks! I really want to try some more korean skin care goodies! they're always super cute as well :)