Monday, July 7, 2014

Outlet Haul #1

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long time no update! I just came back from being a cabin leader (camp counselor) for a Christian camp called Mt. Hermon. I'll update you all as soon I finish debriefing and writing up my experiences. Just a short "preview" -- IT WAS AMAZING! PTL~

A couple weeks ago, I went outlet shopping. I didn't really have much time to do it until now. I bought these at Abercrombie & Fitch outlet and Loft outlet :)

I just absolutely adore lace. I'm so happy I found this piece, because it was 1) petite and 2) $15. While $15 is not super cheap, I still couldn't resist it. Perfect for the interviews coming up for grad school applications!

I also love this blouse, because of the collars! Anything peter-pan-collar is an automatic thumbs-up in my book! Sadly, this piece is semi-sheer, so I'll need to wear a cami underneath for my interviews! This was also $15 and petite sized, so the fit was pretty nice.

Now all I need to find are some nice, formal-ish black skirts and flats for the interviews. Any suggestions where to find good quality, but inexpensive pieces? Thanks!!

This dress was about $10. Yay! The quality is so nice, and it's soft and flowly--perfect for summer! I love floral prints!

I love the checkered pattern for this dress. It's super comfy--wonderful for a laced summer day!

Sorry the quality of the pictures are sort of bad--phone camera, bad lightly, and slightly shaky hands... Gotta work on my picture-taking skills!

Where do you go to buy your summer outfits?


  1. Those tops from LOFT are so cute! :)

  2. ohh I love the first two! wish we had a Loft over here!

  3. Thank you! I'm glad you liked them :)
    Loft has some pretty cool stuff <3 Hopefully there'll be some near by soon :)

  4. Welcome back!
    I hope you love your task so far ! Also, love your loft haul.
    Super cute and classy- really explains you, tee ^^