Friday, July 18, 2014

A mountain of food

Hello everyone! I've just finished taking my PCATs (pharmacy exam), and things are looking pretty good so far! Praise God~ In truth, I was super nervous of this exam--more so than taking the MCATs--but in the end, things turned out pretty well.

I wanted to a recap of the past week (in food)! A couple days ago, my family made wontons. Wontons are one of my favorite foods, and it something that my family makes together to eat, so it's also a great way for family bonding! Hope you enjoy :)

The filling! A combo of pork and Chinese veggies.

These beauties all lined up~

Yummy and delicious masterpiece~
Yesterday's meal was much more simple. I had microwave udon noodles. They were surprisingly good! The container was unlike any instant noodles I've ever seen though! It was such a fun experience XD hahaha

It's a huge cup! WHOOT!

yummmm-"fresh udon" in just 3 minutes~ 

There's little pieces of NARUTO!! How exciting!

Added my own bok-choy and eggs! Gotta make my meals a little bit healthier :P
AND celebrate finishing my PCAT exams, my mom took me and my sister to have some Sichuan (spicy) food! Of course, we got the awesome, spicy 水煮鱼!

I love the chairs~ They're so Asian and old-fashioned!

Yummy~~A dish of spicy, super spicy fish! Sorry, there's shadows in the photo...

All fried, crunchy goodness!


  1. The wontons look really good! I wish I could cook so well x) And the noodles are looking delicious as well :) I just bought noodles today!

  2. Thank you! Let's just say, I need my mom's guidance still XD I wish I could cook well when I'm at school, but the combination of inexperience and business makes it difficult...

    ohhh, noodles are totally one of my favorite things to eat!