Monday, January 13, 2014

NiftyThrifty is definitely chic and thrifty!

Hi all~ I want to share with y'all a e-store called NiftyThrifty (and I am in no way sponsored or anything in that like). It has super cute items that fit in any closet: whether you're hipster, boho, sophisticated, or preppy, you're bound to find something! Vintage is really popular on this store, so if you're a vintage addict like me, you'll be happy--I hope! :)

BTW they have some really nice nice discounts as of now --> 80% OFF the current price! That's like amazing, and this is why I totally love the store! Their discounts make things totally much more affordable (they already have some pretty good deals).

They have super cute packaging as you can see! Look at how cute they packed my belt! haha They even put so much effort into my little belt~ I've also purchased some extremely cute purses as well. Actually quite a few (three to be exact). The quality is really nice; however, be sure to NiftyThrifty's "condition"section on the item page though. Sometimes, not all the products are in perfect/great quality. Buyer beware :)

You can totally find some pretty nice brands on NiftyThrifty if you stock their pages: for example, Alice & Olivia, Gucci, Miu Miu, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.

If you want to register, I'd really appreciate it if you use my referral link~ hehe. Sorry guys~ Just to make a disclaimer: I didn't write this post just because I wanted to share the link. I really hope that you'll be able to enjoy the site/clothes and get some great deal at the same time!!! <3

Thanks and much love!

On a side note, I finally gave in and bought EOS. I'm super excited to try it, especially since my lips have gotten super dry and cracky D: Hope it lives up to it's rep!


  1. have been looking for new lonline vinmtage stores, thanks for sharing... gonna have a look now :)

  2. Aw that site looks cute. Don't think they ship to my country though.

    Ohh I've heard so much about that lipbalm, I want to try it too!

    1. awww, that's too bad!

      The lip balm smells pretty good :) I feel like it's a little inconvenient to use though...doesn't really fit the shape of my mouth? haha XD

    2. yeah I always wondered why they made it that shape!