Thursday, January 9, 2014

Am I going food-photo-loco?

I love taking pictures of the food and the places I eat. It makes my meals more memorable and my food take better?

This is my first time trying (some of my parents', hahaha) Korean beer. It's a very interesting flavor. I can't compare to American or Chinese beer, however, since I haven't really tasted those before. This just makes a nice picture, so I took the picture~

By the way, I hope everyone is having a great New Year! I surely am. Remember how early I posted about what I wanted to do during winter break? Sadly, most of those weren't accomplished... I was really busy with friends and family friends coming over to visit, and this last couple of days I got sick! This is the first time, I've ever (almost literally) slept the entire day! New record!

Sadly, that doesn't excuse my laziness. I know for sure that I had some extra time on hand. However, I just didn't take it. I spent of my time surfing the net and watching movies. cry. I'm a lazy-bum.

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