Sunday, January 12, 2014

Cafe & Macarons

The delicious sensation of ice-cream-filled-macarons...ahhhh~ aren't the colors appealing as well? The pink and green is raspberry and green tea; the brown and brown is chocolate and coffee (for all those coffee addicts out there!); the purple and white is blueberry/lavender and vanilla--personally, my fave. 

I'd have to say, the first one you can taste both the ice cream and the macaron, but the other two are harder to taste the macarons. The ice cream over-powers a bit. Even so, I like the blueberry/lavender and vanilla combo the best!

What are your favorite treats? hehe. I'm so addicted to sweets~


  1. I love sweets too! Especially chocolates. I have never seen these icecream filled macarons though!

    1. I love chocolates as well! I really enjoy dark chocolate! <3

      I've never seen ice-cream macarons before either. I think it's something relatively new!