Thursday, September 11, 2014

The busy but enjoyable student life

Hello everyone~ Sorry for being so inactive. Recently I've been quite busy with school, but it's also been a blast. This is the first semester I'm not taking any science courses. Nevertheless, I love all my classes so far--I might go as far to claim that these are my favorite classes! I'm taking classes on entrepreneurship, microeconomics, public speaking, upper division business writing, and psychology statistics. It's a wide variety, but somehow many of these classes also relate to each other. That just makes everything more interesting though!

One thing I've noticed from taking these courses are that science professors (at least in my experience) aren't very involved in their student's growth and learning process. For the majority of the science courses I've taken, it's always been three professors teaching--that makes it very hard to get to know any one professor. Furthermore, science classes aren't very interactive, but that might just be the nature of this major. The professors in my current courses are super into interacting with the students, and it makes me want to be more involved as well! This year is probably the first year I've been raising my hand to answer questions or to participate in discussions and to actually sort of enjoy it.

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