Monday, September 22, 2014

Fun Harajuku fashion trends

Asian fashion is one of the most unique and diverse out there~ I just got carried away looking at the different styles found in Harajuku. I definitely fell in love the lilac and blue hair trend--I hope that I can pull it off someday~

All photos are found from

What type of unique hair color trends are you into? I like the blues, the lilacs, and the shocking pinks~ :)


  1. ah I love harajuku style! I've been thinking of dying my hair a fun colour but it is pretty fried as it is :( but I agree with you, I like the lilacs blues and pinks!

  2. Harajuku style is so unique and fun!

    I agree though. All these colors are probably pretty harsh on hair T___T but it's my goal to try it at least once :P hehehe

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  4. hahah, thanks. I'm actually not the girls in these photos! I wish I were; it'd be cool to so uniquely cute and fashionable~ hahahaha

  5. Wahh I love grey hair or pastel hair ^-^ I've wanted to dye my hair for ages, but I'm so busy and my parents don't want it lol

  6. awwww, me too! __< professional life and stuff :( hahaha.