Friday, September 12, 2014

A goal to improve

Hi everyone! I've decided to take an initiative to improve my blog. I really want to be able to reach out to more readers and share my life experiences--whether that be school, shopping, eating, or skin care products. Also, I'd love to meet more awesome people :)

These are my goals for the semester (regarding this blog):

  • post 2x/week
  • improve my blogging/writing skills
  • invest more in fashion posts
  • research and present different skin care tips
  • hopefully post a video (to finally put that video camera to use >__<)
  • try to find a focus of my blog (not jumping all over the place)

Please take a moment to answer the following questions. I really appreciate any input you give! <3

  1. What are some things you like about my blog? 
  2. What are some things you'd change? 
  3. What are some topics you'd like to see more of?
  4. Is my blog too unfocused/messy? If so, what topics would you like me to focus on?

Thank you! I love all my readers. Hope you all have been doing well~


  1. Wow! I love that you are attempting to improve your blog. Keep up the good work!
    I wish I can improve mine as well both visually and content but I don't know exactly where to start.. UGH >.<

    1. I like that you share the little things in your life- mini hauls and trips etc.
    2. There's nothing to change, really.
    3. Maybe more inspiration posts? Just a suggestion but don't think too hard about this one!
    4. No it's fine!! I like it- its a bit about everything and also I'm learning more about you and your personality traits little by little. ^^

  2. awwww, thanks for the encouragement and input! You're absolutely super sweet <3

    I love your blog though! The photos are beautiful and your fashion statement is so unique! It doesn't bend to fast fashion, but rather focuses on your individual individual style! I love being able to see your personality through what you wear!! Also your drawings/illustrations are pretty awesome~~