Sunday, September 29, 2013

Birthday weekend

My sister (steph) and my birthdays are coming up! So excited! My parents came down to California to visit and we had an amazing time together--even though I had 2 midterms and a paper coming up all during the first two days of the week. Sad, sad. This this bad news could not tone down the happiness and joy that filled the weekend!


  1. B-days are always so exciting :D And good to hear that the sad news didn't ruin your weekend. The food looks all so delicious. <3

    1. Yes! haha, I'm feeling pretty old now!
      Thank you! I really enjoy taking pictures of my food XD It makes them all the more appetizing.

  2. Strawberry. Looks yummy! It's going to my birthday this October. <3
    Belated birthday! <3

  3. @ja, thanks! I love chocolate-covered strawberries! They are amazing!!