Thursday, April 2, 2015

Balancing college life with studies!

The start of this week was quite hectic. I had a Biochemistry midterm on Tuesday, but I had also plans to hang out with friends during the weekend. It's hard to balance hanging out with friends and studying for exams, so how can you do that without pulling all-nighters?

During exam times, my favorite thing to with friends is to study together at a small cafe! Let your friends know that you have an upcoming exam, and most likely they'll agree to the suggestion. When we arrive at the cafe, we purchase a drink and a small snack, talk for 20-30 minutes, and set off to do work. In this way, you have hang out, talk, and study for that upcoming exam~ After a few hours--if you're up for it--go out to eat lunch/dinner together!

Studying at a cafe and then going out to eat afterwards can be quite pricey, but there are many other ways to have fun studying with friends:

  • Study and have a short baking session!
  • Study and make lunch/dinner for each other!
  • Study and watch a short episode of a drama/anime every few hours!
Studying shouldn't be boring, and it shouldn't be all-consuming! It's so important to hang out with your friends and make long-lasting and meaningful relationships in college. These relationships will last a lifetime! Even if you're an introvert like me, be sure to push yourself to spend time with your friends. Studying by yourself may be good during crunch time, but studying with friends can also prevent you from getting distracted. If you see others studying, you're more apt to study as well.

Here's what I did this weekend!

Saturday: Studying at Paris Baguette in K-town with my sister and mutual friend!

My Look! They're matching~ This cup stole my twin :( hahaha~

Sunday: Studying at school and eating pasta afterwards!


Overall, my studying was actually quite productive! While We did get off track a little bit, I still did more studying than if I were by myself. Moreover, I'd rather get distracted with friends than get distracted just surfing the web. :)

What do you guys do to study and hang out with friends?


  1. Hi Anna! Firstly, I love your blog!...such a nice design.

    Also, that pasta looks delicious and those travel mugs are so cute. I love studying with friends...I always feel like I work better than I would alone. XOXO

  2. thank you for the compliment! I really appreciate it~~ <3 The pasta was pretty good! It was definitely a carb-overload, but it's nice to have comfort food once in a while :)

    Yes! I totally agree. Working with friends--for some reason--makes you studying harder (and play harder)~ You waste less than doing random things like checking social media. hahaha :D yay for time management!

  3. I should've totally done this while I was back in university. The only hindrance was my and my friends' schedules never clicked @__@ So I usually end up studying by myself at home (which I end up falling asleep or getting lost in the internet). Although knowing my friends, we usually don't end up studying when we're together since we tend to just talk to each other the whole day as like, a break from all the studying, lol.

    Biochemistry midterms sounded like my brain imploded on info overload, lol! This is probably why I took up an arts course in college instead.

    Can i just say how yummy the food looks?? @ m @ #craving And the cup is so adorbs, I can't even! XD

    Happiness is Free

  4. Great post. (:

    Thank you for your comment on Hekyma. I really appreciated it.

    But..why don't we follow each other on GFC ? Follow me now & I'll follow you back immediately ! ♡


  5. hahaha, I guess studying with friends can be challenging sometimes due to scheduling conflicts or personalities :P But nonetheless, it is a lot of fun <3 As an introvert, it's hard to make myself leave the house sometimes, so planning study "dates" are a fun and productive way for me to interact with friends. :)

    hahaha, lol X_X Biochem is difficult, but the arts are hard too! There's so many products and deadlines with studying the arts! I really admire these people because you really have to have creativity. For the sciences, all you do is memorize... :( I wish I could do something creative XD

    hahaha, lol <3 I love food. Carbs & coffee are some of my favorite things to enjoy XD
    I know! The cups are so cute! I couldn't believe my eyes O___O <3

  6. Love this post~<3 I'm going through the same~ >.< everyday is revision for me and folowed by more studies though I mostly procrastinate which is soo bad :(( haha but omg your soo cute with the coffee cup~

    Sindy xx

  7. Thank you for the comment! :)

  8. awwww! Thanks <3

    It's so sad how studies can easily consumer our lives, but we can't and shouldn't let that happen! We students need to take time off once in a while so we don't get burned out XD I think traveling to a new location, like a cafe, with a friend to study can count both as a break and as something productive :)

    hahaha, lol! I know, right? I can't believe such cute cups exist <3