Thursday, March 26, 2015

Springtime skincare changes!

Spring has finally arrived, and that means our skincare routine changes as well! As the weather warms up and sun rays intensify, the problems of winter--dry, itchy, or flaky skin--become less notable. Here are some tips to deal with the changing seasons!

1. Toss out old, expired products

Make sure you're not using old products that have already expired. Some key signs include consistency changes (separating into layers, clumps, etc.), color changes, and fragrance changes. Products, particularly moisturizers containing antioxidants and retinol, can degrade with time and lose their effectiveness. Lastly, sunscreens do have expiration dates. While most manufacturers have a 2-3 year expiration date, there is no real consensus as to how long the sunscreen remains effective. Most experts suggest changing sunscreens yearly.

2. Use sunscreen more regularly

While we all know to use sunscreen regularly, even during the winter, it is essential to continue using sunscreen, especially as the sun rays intensify during the spring. Many skincare professionals recommend applying a SPF 30 sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving home and reapplying every 2-3 hours. Also consider looking for a hand cream with SPF, as your hands are constantly exposed to the sun rays as well!

Moreover, there are two types of sunscreens: chemical and physical sunscreens. Each have their own pros and cons. You can check out my informative post on sunscreen here.

3. Lighten up your products

During the springtime, your skin becomes more oily, meaning that you no longer need heavy creams, moisturizers, or hydrating serums that can then clog pores. Instead, look for lighter products that provide the needed moisturizing properties. For those with oily skin, look for gentle toners that help clear pores and remove excess oils.

Beautiful skill is all about taking care of your skin and knowing what product to use and when! Even though I don't like wasting products, be careful to evaluate how your changing, springtime skin may react to your old, winter-time products. And be sure to keep an eye out on expiration dates!

Do you have any product suggestions or skincare tips for the spring?


  1. i have the same kind of product like you shown here
    vitamin c serum
    but mine I would say it's a bit sticky for me
    it's great you like yours :)

  2. Great tips! I definitely have to try some lighter moisturizers because I get so shiny in the spring and summer!

  3. Yes, I totally understand. My previous vitamin C serum was also a little sticky. Although this brand advertises itself as a "non-sticky formula," it actually still is a little sticky. However, I personally don't mind and still enjoy using this product :)

  4. thank you! I totally understand--I feel like my skin has begun to look a little more shiny now!