Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Skin Tips: Pollution, oh pollution!

Round 2! The sources for this information is still from the awesome TotalBeauty! I hope you guys find this information useful! I never really paid any attention pollution before...Now I'm sort of worried about the condition of my air! >___<

Source: Wiki Commons

  • Pollution enhances the properties of UV. Be sure to apply sunscreen regularly! Even though it's smoggy and the sun doesn't seem to be shining through, UV rays may actually be enhanced! Also, there's two types of pollution: particulate and ozone. 
  • The particulate is very fine and gets into pores. It can cause aging! Sonic cleansing brushes (like Clarisonic--I want one T___T) are recommended because it can clean 30x better than normal hand washing. 
  • Ozone causes the breakdown of proteins and lipids in the skin. Thus, antioxidant serums are really important for combating this pollution.
  • Check out State of the Air to see how clean your air is! Sorry, this is for the States only. LA has a rating of F for both particulate and ozone pollution--how sad!
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Do you guys have a Clarisonic Mia? I don't, but I wish I had one >___<


  1. OH MY GOOOSH I never paid attention to this before!!! Thanks for the post Anna, so informative!!! Now that I know, I'm going to look into investing in a Clarisonic Mia D:

    ChocoKittieHK holidays
    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

  2. yea, glad you found it useful~ <3

  3. wow! i never really pay much attention towards the environment on the skin.
    thanks for actually 'reminding' me on ur post haha
    i wish i have a clarisonic too! my sis has one, and then she let it slipped into the toilet bowl , so u can imagine how disgusting it would be to reuse it again hahaha
    maybe you can try pobling too! pobling is a new cleansing brush too very popular among asian countries (:

    love ur blog, i followed!

  4. awww, that's too bad. I wouldn't like to use something I drop in the toilet either T___T

    ouuu, I have to check out what pobling is now! Sounds so interesting! Asian countries have such cool stuff <3